Paytm Vaccine Finder now enables booster dose registrations to expand vaccination coverage in India

One97 Communications Limited (OCL) that owns the brand Paytm, India’s leading digital payments and financial services company, today announced that the Vaccine Finder tool on its app now enables booster shot registration to all citizens eligible as per government regulations.

The Vaccine Finder Tool on Paytm’s app allows users across India to easily track Covid vaccine availability at nearby hospitals and vaccination centres, and book slots according to their preference.

In the Paytm Health section, users can register for a booster dose by choosing ‘Book Covid Vaccine’ and selecting Booster dose. Then, users can select the date and click on ‘Book now’. Users can either book the booster dose for themselves or for a beneficiary who has completed two doses of the vaccine.

Paytm spokesperson said, “We are proud to have played a role in the largest vaccination program for Covid-19, with the integration of the Vaccine Finder tool on Paytm app which will now allow users to book booster doses. This reflects the company’s unwavered commitment to boost vaccine coverage and help Indians in staying healthy and safe.”

In addition to registering for Covid-19 vaccines, Paytm allows every vaccinated individual to easily download vaccine certificates in seconds. Users can also access International Travel Vaccine Certificates that will help them while travelling outside the country.

Paytm has also empowered citizens by giving them seamless access to a gamut of healthcare services through the app including health ID creation, downloading vaccine certificates, finding information related to blood banks, purchasing medicines, booking online doctor consultations, lab tests and buying health and Covid-related insurance.

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