Optimum Financial Group unveils a solid financial performance for 2021

Optimum Financial Group unveiled a solid financial performance at Optimum Group Inc.’s annual shareholders’ meeting on April 29, 2022.

For the third consecutive year, the Group achieves revenues of over one billion Canadian dollars. For the past financial year, the return on equity reaches nearly 12.5%. Also worth noting, net premiums have increased by 17%.

Furthermore, assets under management in Canada, in the United States and in France totalize nearly 8.5 billion Canadian dollars to December 31, 2021.

Despite the negative impacts of the pandemic on mortality, the life insurance, and reinsurance sector nevertheless stands out with very good results and notable growth in net premiums, while the general insurance sector continues to generate excellent underwriting results.

“Our performance indicators are very positive and reflect the rigorous work of our teams of experts dedicated to successfully ensuring the financial security of our clients and partners in an unprecedented context combining the extended pandemic with historically low-interest rates”, comments Anabelle Blondeau, Vice Chair of the Board and President and Chief Executive Officer, Optimum Group Inc.

“We are pursuing and intensifying our research and development work to materialise innovative IT projects, notably in actuarial technique and in medical underwriting, with the perspective of continuously improving our agility.

We remain attentive to the evolving needs of our clients and partners, and are committed to the fulfillment and well-being of our employees.” she adds.

Optimum Financial Group has also bestowed the 2021 Optimum Enterprise Award to two ex-aequo winning companies: Optimum Reassurance Inc.

for its volume increase in net premiums and its improved return on equity, as well as Optimum Vie S.A.

for the increase of its business volume and its very good financial results. This annual award recognizes the exceptional contribution of a subsidiary to the Group’s overall performance.

About Optimum Financial Group
Optimum Financial Group is dedicated to the financial security of its clients since over 50 years. Global and privately-owned, it is diversified in the sectors of actuarial consulting, asset management, general insurance, information technology, life insurance, life reinsurance, and real estate.
Optimum Financial has over 620 employees in subsidiaries operating mainly across Canada, the United States and in France. Its revenues reach nearly 1.1 billion Canadian dollars, and its total assets rise up to 6 billion Canadian dollars.
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