Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, they say.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, they say.
Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, they say.

What should an entrepreneur do in a challenging situation? How do I become self-motivated with low on cash and deeper in debts?

Businesses come with a lot of challenges and with each challenge it brings you something different and it teaches you something new. So when you face a challenge what you mostly do is you learn from whatever has happened and try to correct your course of action.

It will be wrong to say that when these challenging situations come up you still get up and work and be happy everyday about your business, there are obviously days in any business, in any organisation where when something happens or you’re faced with a challenge you get a little demotivated but what is very important to remember in this type of situation is to remember why you started, is to remember what purpose you were trying to solve in the beginning and with that in mind keep moving forward because loss goes away but a learned person comes out of it.

It is very important for any entrepreneur or budding entrepreneur to remember to believe in their business and to believe that it is possible for their business to grow and for their business to make a change like they’ve wanted. With my company rest the case I constantly think about where I have wanted to reach and what purpose I’m trying to solve, this keeps you going. It’s not easy and maybe someday I will look back and say this was an easier time but don’t stop now there lots more to do, this keeps me motivated regardless of what is happening.

Prittle Prattle in conversation with Shreya Sharm, C.E.O of Rest The Case

When did you start your business? – 2020

Why did you decide to become a business owner?
– I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I saw a problem and wanted to solve it.

What is the mission and vision of your company?
Mission- To make legal information and assistance, accessible to all with just a click of a button.
Vision- We are a one-stop solution to all your legal needs, from legal advice to all the legal information, we have it all!

How many employees does your company have? 6

What services or products do you offer? Rest The Case is a Legal aggregator platform, we provide legal services to clients all over the country. On our platform we provide lawyers from all specialisation to help find a lawyer for every need.

What made you decide to start a company in this industry? I have completed her Bachelor’s in Law from Cardiff University, UK. While studying law, I noticed that it was difficult to find lawyers and to get to the bottom of any legal process in India. This issue sparked an interest in me to do something to make the law more accessible and information more comprehensible to people in India.
Points of inspiration to the entrepreneur readers Believe in yourself always. It is very important to believe that you can make it happen because only you know what you are capable of. Be brave Solve a purpose- when you start something think about what you want to do and why you want to do it. Do what makes you happy Rise after every fall
The authored article is written by Shreya Sharm, C.E.O, Rest The Case and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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