New Documentary Showcases Stories of Inspiring People Acquiring the Skills They Need to Excel in Work’s Shifting Landscape

Nonprofit career exploration company Roadtrip Nation is excited to start off the month of May with their new documentary, “Skill Shift.” Presented by KQED, “Skill Shift” is now airing nationally on public television stations and is available to watch online at

Fueled by Jobs for the Future (JFF) and Strada Education Network—with support from Snap-on Makers and Fixers—”Skill Shift” explores how people are finding the education, training, and opportunities they need to succeed in the future of work.

The film follows Christine, Erin, Ian, and Rasheed as they look ahead to their own futures. Alongside their journey, “Skill Shift” features snapshots of skill-focused careers in a broad range of industries, to highlight all the ways that building future-focused skills can lead to a fulfilling career path no matter who you are, what your goals might be, and where you’re at in life.

Christine is a California wildland firefighter looking to find a new green job that proactively heals the earth and prevents the sorts of climatic catastrophes she deals with day in and day out. Erin is fascinated by hands-on careers of all varieties—from welding to photography to animal conservation—and she’s eager to settle on a specific path forward.

Ian knows that his passion is helping students connect with fulfilling career paths—but right now, he’s trying to find the best path forward for him. Rasheed knows that tech has the power to drive change well into the future, but he’s still wondering how he can use his distinct IT skills to find a career he really cares about.

“‘Skill Shift’ is a film that gets right to the core of Roadtrip Nation’s mission,” said Mike Marriner, president and co-founder of Roadtrip Nation. “We want to equip people to find their footing in an uncertain future without losing their individuality and what makes them tick.

Everyone deserves the tools and training to find a secure, innovative, and engaging career, and we’re proud to have Jobs for the Future and Strada Education Network fueling this initiative, alongside additional support from Snap-on Makers and Fixers.”

Throughout their journey, Christine, Erin, Ian, and Rasheed cross paths with people like Kyle Tripp, an apprentice at Ironworkers Local 25, and Steven Jeanty, the head grower at AeroFarms, a vertical farming company. Interspersed with these interviews are features on future-focused professionals like Andrea Crawford, a wind turbine technician at DTE Energy, and Steve Seon, a CNC machinist at Keats Manufacturing Co.

Through these stories, the four roadtrippers discover that the unpredictability of the future is also an opportunity; it empowers them to define that future, and themselves, however they choose.

“While there are many pathways people can take to find employment, discovering how to align one’s strengths and interests to skills that are in demand in the labor market is key to helping individuals find their purpose in work and flourish in their careers,” said Maria Flynn, president and CEO for Jobs for the Future (JFF). “At JFF, we’re proud to support Roadtrip Nation in its mission to provide learners with the resources, support, and experiences needed to navigate their education and career journeys.”

“There are many paths to success after high school, and they can all look very different,” said Stephen Moret, president of Strada Education Network. “‘Skill Shift’ provides a real-life look at the need not just to enable learners to explore career fields and find their path, but also with the tools and support they need to pursue that path and find success. We are proud to support Roadtrip Nation so inspiring documentaries like this can make others feel empowered to pursue work that they find meaningful.”
About Roadtrip Nation
Roadtrip Nation humanizes career exploration through story and empowers individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling lives and careers. Through its award-winning public television series, New York Times bestselling book “Roadmap,” and educational programs and tools that provide visibility and insights into career possibilities and pathways, Roadtrip Nation gives people from all backgrounds confidence and belief in their ability to persist through challenges and define success for themselves. Roadtrip Nation, a part of Strada Collaborative, has been showcased at the United Nations Social Innovation Summit, Clinton Global Initiative, NBC Education Nation, TEDx, Talks at Google, SXSW, and the Harvard Social Enterprise Forum. For more information, visit
About Jobs for the Future (JFF)
Jobs for the Future (JFF) drives transformation of the American workforce and education systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all.
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Strada Education Network is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people take advantage of education and training after high school that helps them secure a good job, do meaningful work, contribute to their communities, and lead a fulfilling life. We believe education and training after high school have the potential to be the most powerful and equitable ways to help all people thrive in their careers and lives. To help students succeed beyond completion of a certificate or degree, we conduct research, make charitable grants and social impact investments, and support Strada Collaborative, which directly serves students and workers. Learn more at
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