Neha Sargam recalls shooting the ‘Makhan’ episode on Sony TV’s Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala

Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological narrative Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala has tugged the viewers’ hearts with a beautiful story of a mother & son relationship from Yashoda’s (Neha Sargam) point of view. The narrative that showcases Yashoda’s caring and protective side recently entered the ‘Baalpan Adhyay’ post the three years leap where viewers have been witnessing little Kanha’s natkhat antics.

Maiya Yashoda, who has till now protected and cared for her Kanha within the boundaries of the house, will be seen letting him go out with his friends to play. As Maiya has given Kanha permission to go out, he now secretly steps out to steal the Makhan while everyone is sleeping. Janki, who is a Gopi, wishes to call Krishna and feed maakhan, which Krishna initially rejects.

Yet, later to fulfill her wish, Krishna goes to her place to do ‘maakhan chori’, for the first time. Krishna goes to each of the gopi’s houses to do ‘maakhan chori’ but fails as he gets caught each time. When the gopis complain, Yashoda is in denial as she feels Krishna is a good boy who will never steal. Krishna justifies his act every time. At times he does makhan chori to feed monkeys or to teach lessons of greed or to fulfil the wish of copies as per their past life journey. All these copies set up a trap for Krishna to catch him red-handed & to prove Yashoda wrong.

Talking about the sequence, Neha says, “It’s a very interesting sequence. Makhan has been an integral part of Lord Krishna’s life, and experiencing this was a delight. The sequence revolves around the folklore of Lord Krishna as a naughty child who enjoyed stealing Makhan from neighbors.

We have grown up hearing these stories and now being a part of the show that revolves around Krishna and Maiyaa is a surreal experience. Making the experience more real, the actual little Krishna (Trisha Sarda) stole some maakhan before the shoot and ate! None of us knew when this happened, but our director noticed that she had butter around her mouth. It felt like she was little Krishna and the whole event felt even closer to reality than fiction.”

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