Neeraj Bidi has joined Ecobillz as Head of Operations and Customer Success

Mr Neeraj Bidi has been appointed as Head of Operations and Customer Success at Ecobillz, an AI-led Digitization SaaS platform that provides comprehensive modules such as document management, back office automation, digital check-in and check-out for Hospitality.

Neeraj joins ZeOmega, a population health management platform based in Texas, USA, where he was Associate Director-Delivery Management.

Neeraj, who has 14 years of expertise, will be in charge of developing an effective procedure that meets all customer expectations. He will report to Dr. Ameet Patil, the Founder and CEO of Ecobillz Private Limited.

“Neeraj comes with a wealth of experience in product platforms and shares Ecobillz’s ambition for a paperless world.” As Head of Operations and Customer Success, he is perfectly positioned to drive the company’s growth and collaborate with our clients to provide outstanding solutions.”

Dr. Patil commented on the development, saying,

“Neeraj joins us at an exciting time as there is a bigger push than ever before towards digitalization and digital record warehousing, Hotels face significant challenges in handling documents and back-office procedures such as Account Receivables and Reconciliation, and Ecobillz is working with them to provide a one-stop solution. We are delighted to have Neeraj driving the next stage of our expansion as the world enters a new era of digitalization in the post-pandemic world.”

stated Mr Nitesh Singh Rathore, Founder & CMO, Ecobillz Private Limited,

“I am incredibly delighted and happy to be joining the Ecobillz team, Ameet and Nitesh have established a fantastic firm based on a new idea to digitise and automate documents/processes, which is also an environmentally friendly solution because it saves resources, time, and paper records, which require large storage areas.”

said Neeraj, who considers himself as a solutions enthusiast.

Neeraj is a team player who enjoys playing cricket and going on treks in his spare time. He currently resides in Belagavi, Karnataka, with his family.

About Ecobillz

Ecobillz, launched in 2016 by Ameet Patil and Nitesh Singh Rathore, is an AI-led Digitization SaaS platform that digitises, collects, combines data, and creates complicated back-office automation systems.

The tool integrates with existing systems and applications, retrieving data and simplifying it into the Ecobillz platform to simplify document management in large organizations.

The platform’s goal is to develop technology that can read, aggregate, and store data in real time, resulting in an efficient digitised document management system.

Ecobillz has firmly established itself as a trusted partner of the Indian hospitality industry and is working with the businesses to fine tune and personalise the requirements of India’s leading Hotel chains.

Ecobillz has already provided options like sending Registration card via email or WhatsApp in advance; providing access to all invoices/documents on guest’s phone, verification of resident and non-resident guests, accessing digital Food and Beverage menu on guest’s phone, placing orders and providing payment options online.

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