Mirchi broadens its digital range with the introduction of M-Ping

M-Ping expands Mirchi's diverse inventory, allowing advertisers to communicate more effectively with their target demographic.

Mirchi, M-Ping enables clients to effectively advertise across all audio OTT platforms with an audience-centric and a platform-agnostic approach

Mirchi, India’s no.1 city-centric music and entertainment company announces the launch of M-Ping – a one-stop solution for advertisers to reach relevant audiences across all audio OTT platforms.

M-Ping will complement Mirchi’s multi-media solutions offering to marketers by assisting them in delivering superior, end-to-end audio campaigns, including ideation, production, and execution.

M-Ping takes an audience-centric and platform-independent approach.

M-Ping provides cutting-edge affinity-based targeting, allowing brands to reach out to their audiences regardless of the audio platform they are listening to.

Digital audio usage in India has increased dramatically both during and after the pandemic. Advertisers are continuously looking for ways to use digital mediums to engage with their target audiences through targeted, data-driven, and ROI-driven ad buys.

Mirchi, a prominent radio player and developer of customised brand solutions, has a well-trained in-house creative and sales team that has helped over 20,000 clients curate and execute their audio, social media, and digital campaigns in a year.

This seasoned group will provide unrivalled competence in running the newest addition to the multi-media mix, M-Ping.

M-Ping expands Mirchi’s diverse inventory, allowing advertisers to communicate more effectively with their target demographic.

“Over the past 20 years, Mirchi has developed into a multi-platform, multi-format brand with a presence across FM, LIVE, and digital domains.” As a result, we are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to creating bespoke solutions for every brand. The addition of M-Ping to our solution offering increases our capacity to address business objectives and solve marketing difficulties for clients in novel ways. Furthermore, M-ping contributes to the concentrated initiatives being created at Mirchi to strengthen our digital arm.”

Prashant Panday, MD & CEO, ENIL, Mirchi, said,

“As a solutions provider Mirchi has been curating customized solutions for brands across verticals for over the years. With the launch of M-Ping, we are extremely excited to bring audio digital advertising to the center stage of marketing spends. Our solutions team is all-set to brew some of the most innovative ideas for brands and help them establish a connection with the consumers.”

Preeti Nihalani, Chief Operating Officer, ENIL, Mirchi said,

About Mirchi’s:

Mirchi is a media and entertainment firm that owns and operates India’s largest private FM radio brand, Mirchi, which broadcasts on 73 frequencies in 63 locations.

Mirchi, which was founded in 2001, today has a number of properties under its FM, LIVE, and Digital platforms, all of which are populated with multi-lingual, multi-platform, and multi-format content.
Mirchi presently operates radio and internet brands in the United States (New Jersey and the Bay Area of California), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Bahrain, bringing programming straight from India to discerning global consumers. Mirchi can also be heard at Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.
Mirchi Plus, its own digital platform, was released in July 2022 as an App (Android & iOS), PWA (Progressive Web App), and Desktop site.
Mirchi Plus has a large library of handpicked content in audio, video, and text formats, including original audio series, podcasts, RJ videos, Bollywood news, and more.
Mirchi Plus is Kahaniyon ka Asli Adda in nine different languages and diverse genres. Mirchi Plus is available not only in India, but also in the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Bahrain.
Mirchi offers advertising bespoke, hyper-local, multi-media solutions. Over the years, the brand has expanded its listenership as well as its advertising list.
The emphasis on producing outcomes for advertising, whether it’s increasing footfalls or building buzz
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