Business coach and mentor Gaurav Bhagat has revolutionized entrepreneurship training

Aimed at skilling both students and professionals, these games have been launched recently on major ecommerce sites like Meesho, Amazon and Flipkart

New Delhi: Business coach, mentor, & entrepreneur Gaurav Bhagat has recently launched two board games titled The Stock Market Game and Lakshya – The Goal Setting Game aimed at decoding stock market trading and teaching the art of setting goals respectively. These two one-of-a-kind board games, specifically designed for young professionals and students, are now available for purchase on Meesho, Amazon and Flipkart. The USP of these games is the fact that there are very few products like these in the market that promotes edutainment in a non-digital setting.

At a time when start-up culture and entrepreneurship have become buzzwords in the country, these board games will help in introducing vital concepts and principles to both the uninitiated as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. They also have the potential to be included in the curriculum of schools and colleges in order to upskill millennials and sharpen their minds.As these two board games are played in groups, they also promote team-building skills and help build confidence in the players.

Gaurav Bhagat, who is also the founder of Consortium Gifts and Gaurav Bhagat Academy, announced the launch through a statement. The ABCs of stock market trading- which is a niche and feared area in general, and focused goal-setting – which is generally ignored by individuals and their mentors, can be learned easily via playing these games.

“In India, people have serious apprehensions about investing in the stock market. As a business coach, I come across youngsters who have entrepreneurial mindsets but do not want to take risks. With this new game, they can work on their stock market knowledge and understand the complexities that drive the market. Influenced by the concept of ‘Money Circle’, The Stock Market Game is intended to be simple, engaging, and informative at the same, and with a simplified format, I hope it encourages more adults to learn more about equities, stocks, futures, and markets. Now that these games are available on leading e-retailers like Meesho, Amazon & Flipkart, more people can buy our products, learn, and have fun,” Mr. Bhagat said in a statement.

Mr. Bhagat’s other pioneering idea, Lakshya: The Goal-Setting game focuses on setting attainable and practical goals and helps players find ways to achieve these goals. Gaurav Bhagat Academy also offers a goal-setting course on its website, which can be an interesting idea to pair with the game, especially for professionals, entrepreneurs & students.

“Lakshya: The goal-setting game is not merely engaging and fun but is based on science and our ability to learn and outgrow challenges. I have been mentoring students and professionals across corporations and educational institutions, and in my journey, I have found that people often have the hardest time setting goals. This derails their work, productivity, and ability to grow. Lakshya is also intended for kids who can learn more about goal-setting and managing their tasks. This is truly an entertaining game for anyone between the age of six and eighty,” – Mr. Bhagat further added.

The games would be further used to promote entertainment-based learning among adolescents, fresh graduates, and new entrepreneurs. Mr. Gaurav Bhagat also hopes to use these ideas to nurture more young minds in India and around the world.

The Game is available on the platform mentioned below.
Stock Market Game

Lakshya- the Goal Setting Game
More about the games:
-The Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game to teach nuances of investing. If you are a 90s kid, you must have played ‘Money Circle’. A multi-player economics theme-based game that gave a glance to kids back then on how to grow your money from the money allotted and how to make the best use of the same.
In today’s real-life scenario, with the rising popularity of the Stock Market, many people have started investing in the stock market to grow their money with the money they have. It’s not just any other investment mode but is a lot more that involves goal setting and chasing it with persistence and determination.
There are two levels of play in the stock market game. The beginner level covers only spot equities purchases, whereas the advanced level includes futures purchases as well. So, regardless of your stock market knowledge, this game will keep you occupied for years. It’s a fantastic approach to study and teach about the stock market’s complexities. Two to four players can play this game. The first step is to determine one player who will be the banker and will handle all the money. The banker can and should also be one of the players who will play the game. The extra responsibility is to manage the cash, keep tabs on the trades, and issue chips. Movie goer’s who are die-hard fans of movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness and The Wolf of Wall Street would very well understand the need for an engaging game to teach you about nuances of the stock market. In both the movies, the main protagonist, Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio, respectively, invest in the stock market to come out of their financial instability with sheer grid and determination.
Lakshya: The goal-setting game
Setting goals is a beautiful thing; everyone knows it should be done, but few people do it, mainly because it’s made out to be difficult, tedious, and uninteresting. The goal-setting game Lakshya aspires to revolutionize all of that. It’s entertaining, engaging, and scientifically sound.
Since we know, Mr. Bhagat has been teaching goal-setting to some of the world’s largest corporations, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and more. His board game expands on that premise by making the entire procedure even more enjoyable and straightforward.
It can be played by persons of various ages, from six-year-olds to those in their eighties. Two to four players can play the game. One of the four-player tokens, the one with the six compartments, is given to each player. On successful completion of the goal, one player will be designated as the coordinator, distributing the goal pegs.
On the successful accomplishment of a goal by the player, the coordinator will hand out six-goal pegs, one in each colour, with the letters “W” “F” “L” “M” “H” and “FR” on them. Work is represented by W, Finance by F, Lifestyle by L, Mental by M, Health by H, and Family and Relationships by FR. The coordinator will be one of the participants and will only be responsible for handing out the pegs.
About Gaurav Bhagat: Mr. Gaurav Bhagat is a renowned business coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. He launched his first company – Consortium Gifts – at the age of 19 and has helped thousands of students, entrepreneurs, and professionals achieve their goals. Consortium Gifts has an exclusive clientele today, consisting of many MNCs, and remains a market leader. Mr. Bhagat is also the founder of Gaurav Bhagat Academy, which focuses on business & sales training programs for large corporates, business owners, and working professionals. Gaurav Bhagat Academy has a presence across sectors and offers dedicated mentorship programs for individuals.

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