Marks & Spencer collaborates with Tejasswi Prakash for annual BraFit

She opened the challenge to all women and encouraged them to discover if it’s #TimeToBreakUp with ill-fit.

Tejasswi Prakash, a popular actress, recently took to Instagram with a rather mysterious narrative hinting to a breakup. “I broke up because I danced,” the diva captioned her Instagram story.

Soon after her story went viral, social media platforms were swamped with breakup rumours and questions about how her dance resulting in a breakup #TejasswiBrokeUp began trending on Twitter, and her fans responded with encouragement.

A day later, Tejasswi turned to Instagram to showcase ‘the break-up dance challenge’ via an inventive dance sequence crafted with prominent lingerie expert Marks & Spencer to raise awareness about the significance of wearing well-fitted bras.

Knowing that a huge section of women in the country wear ill-fitted bras, the company created this dance with bespoke lyrics in a foot-tapping rap song style to capture the pulse of the young nation as part of their annual #TimetoBreakUp campaign.

The words and dance serve as an interesting tool in assisting ladies in identifying their bra fit in the comfort of their own home.

“…the true worry is the ill-fitting bra that so many women wear unintentionally, endangering their health.” I’m very excited to start the break-up dance challenge with M&S since it makes it so easy to recognise the poor fit!”

Tejasswi Prakash stated,

She opened the challenge to all women and encouraged them to discover if it’s #TimeToBreakUp with ill-fit.

The challenge showed a simple dance steps that can help women understand if they are wearing the right bra fit. The simple 4 step bra-fit routine includes:

  • A shoulder movement prevents the strap from sliding.
  • The under band move – as the most crucial location for proper fit, the bra should only be able to be pulled 4-5 cms away from the under band at the back.
  • Bounce step – the cups should completely encase without spilling.

Comfort Step – Side wires should rest on the ribcage and should not dig into the front.

Women can use the expert bra fitting service at over 90 stores across India to achieve their perfect bra fit and then save 20%* on their lingerie purchase.

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