Lucifer’s Gold – A Blend By The Devil – Launches in India

Lucifer's Gold - A Blend By The Devil - Launches in India

Lucifer’s Gold, a blasphemous blend of Scottish Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon, which took the UK by storm, is now launching in India.

The blended whiskey is being brought to India by Monika Alcobev, one of the leading alcohol distributors in India.

Lucifer’s Gold brings out the refined taste of each liquor and merges them to make something enthralling. The unique blend of two distinct beverages produces a distinctive texture and taste. It has all the fruitiness and spice that one expects from Scotch, balanced with the vanilla and charred oak notes from bourbon, to deliver a beautiful balance of sweetness, richness, depth, and smoothness.

On the occasion of the launch, Kunal Patel, MD of Monika Alcobev Limited, said, “Monika Alcobev has historically brought some unique experimental drinks to India. Lucifer’s Gold appealed to me with its whimsical mixes of Scotch & Bourbon – a combination that nobody thinks would work. But it works and works beautifully. This blend will cater especially to the individuals who dare to try something different.”

Monika Alcobev, formerly known as Monika Enterprises, established 12 February 2015, is responsible for bringing over 200+ spirit and wine labels in India, namely Jose Cuervo, Bushmills, Lauren Perrier, and Diplomatico, among other leading global craft brands.

Priced at INR 2,000, Lucifer’s Gold will soon be available across all cities in India.

About Monika Alcobev:
Started by Kunal Bhimji Patel, Monika Alcobev (formerly Monika Enterprise) aims to bring the best brands from around the world. Monika, through their ingenious marketing strategies and robust distributor network, helmed over two hundred brands reach the Indian market.

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