Jobs, Automation and Warehousing: The Way Forward

Millions of jobs to be created now with AI getting into the warehousing sector.

Current scenario

The warehousing industry is crucial to the global supply chain and has been on a vigorous growth spurt, especially with trade and transportation routes opening up again. The logistics sector has been forecasted to create 3 million jobs by 2024 and that means another 1,20,000 additional jobs in warehousing according to the TeamLease Logistics Report.

With this comes a marked move towards automation in these warehouses and an increased need for skilled workers. Many cities are also creating new warehousing facilities or upgrading existing ones with new tech. It provides opportunities across the different classes of labour with automation creating new work and upgrading existing ones i.e., better paying jobs for factory workers and labourers.

When you automate processes, there is a necessity for accurate data. Automation Engineer, Data Engineer, and AI Technician are some examples of the opportunities that can fetch the new entrants into the sector a pretty penny.

Also included will be a major demand bump for managerial, executorial and logistics adjacent talent (labourers, operation executives) and those with good leadership skills.
There is also a huge demand for managers, executives, and operation executives who require leadership skills, team management competence, and dexterity in handling different situations. One can also leverage their experience in the industry and advance further to supply chain management or logistics.
Supply change management is a very broad term and each company has a different approach to the way they handle their supply chains. Following are some of the the potential careers in this field:
warehouse systems manager
logistics analysts
solutions design
project managers
those with packaging experience
those with Kaizen or LEAN methodology knowledge
Within the production environment in warehousing and supply chains are jobs such as:
supply chain technician
robotics technician,
maintenance technician,
quality manager,
production planner, and
warehouse manager.
Challenges to overcome
Automation solutions are highly personalised. Each company should evaluate and analyse their processes at hand and choose the solutions that suit their needs the best. Scaling up is also a big challenge and should be included when picking relevant automation solutions.
The authored article is written by Ramesh Madisetty, CEO & Co-founder, SafeStorage and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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