Jijau has become auspices for youth business in Vikramgad taluka

Ankush Mahala’s banner-making business, Jijau Printers of Vakdupada in Vikramgad taluka of Palghar district

Vikramgad: Jijau Educational and Social Institute have made a dream come true for the youth of Vikramgad taluka to start their own business by supporting them in business. Ankush Mahala’s banner-making business, Jijau Printers of Vakdupada in Vikramgad taluka of Palghar district, was recently inaugurated by Shri Nilesh Sambare, founder of Jijau Educational and Social Institute. Ankush’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur has become possible with the help of the Jijau Sanstha.

Ankush Mahala’s harrowing journey in life started during his childhood. He got fewer years with his mother and father. So his grandmother cared for him and taught him from 1st to 10th standard. Due to dire economic conditions, further education was interrupted after the 10th standard. Further, he worked for a doctor for 5-6 years as a compounder to earn a living.

But Ankush was determined to set up his own business after getting to know them. During this time, he became interested in photography. Earlier, he started this business in partnership. After he got complete confidence in this, Umedi stepped up again and started his own business under the name Anurag Studio. Many people joined the company as a hobby and interest during this journey. Ankush was associated with Jijau Social and Educational Institute during an election program in 2016. He was able to see the work of Jijau Sanstha closely by working as a photographer at the health camps of Jijau Sanstha in the areas of Vikramgad-Jawhar-Mokhada. “It was great to see Nilesh Sambare Sir’s passion for the community, and I became more connected with Jijau,” Ankush says.

Sambare, the founder of Jijau, also felt these youngsters’ hard work and perseverance. He promised to cooperate in his business and kept his promise. Shri Nilesh Sambare, through Jijau Sanstha, recently inaugurated Ankush Mahala’s newly started Jijau Printers Company at Vakdupada and wished Ankush prosperity in this business. On occasion, Sambare ensured that Jijau would stand firmly behind the Marathi youth to come forward in the industry.
“Sambare Saheb has given my father’s love to me and my business by constructing a new entrepreneur.” Ankush Mahala expressed his sentiments to Sambare Saheb.
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