iThink Logistics launches international cross border services for Indian e-commerce sellers

The initiative would allow e-commerce retailers and D2C brands to get convenient exposure to international markets backed by iThink’s shipping expertise and global partners.

One of the fastest growing SaaS-based shipping platforms in India, has announced the launch of its international shipping services portal, iThink Logistics International.

The new venture would allow the booming e-commerce businesses (SMEs) and D2C brands to expand and grow ecommerce sales to global markets connected through strategic partnerships by iThink Logistics International.

International cross-border shipping from India is estimated to be valued at around $129 Billion by 2025, and iThink Logistics is looking to support the growth ambitions of Indian e-commerce sellers by building a strong international service leveraging its AI and machine learning powered technology platform.

iThink Logistics’ International shipping platform also integrates e-commerce sellers with all major marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others.

This would allow e-commerce sellers to download orders, push tracking ID’s, and finally connect sellers with the best service options available to them in order to fulfill these international orders.

iThink Logistics International has built its international product after careful research and understanding the needs of Indian international e-commerce shippers with particular focus on cost effectiveness , technology enabled logistics and superior transit time.

iThink Logistics International services aims to serve Indian e-commerce shippers with a service offering that fits between the India Post international services and global integrators.

iThink Logistics International’s value proposition includes same day pick up , benchmark transit times thanks to direct flight connections and multiple shipment injection options in destination markets, e-commerce-centric commercial customs clearance; connected customer support, real-time tracking updates in both the country of origin and the country of destination; seamless integration with marketplaces and the client’s own website and multi-mode options.

The iThink Logistics’ shipping platform offers a seamless interlink with one-click connection for marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.

The service is available today in Jaipur and Surat and will be soon launched across 30K+ origin post codes and 20 cities by Sept 2022.
Speaking about the development, Ms.Zaiba Sarang, Co-founder, iThink Logistics, said, “At iThink, we are really excited to launch our international services for the India market.
Our service offering focuses on strategic partnerships with global logistics players and technology-enabled data intelligence to offer full shipment visibility and transparency supported by superior transit times.
Our primary objective in year one of our launch is to focus on delivering a reliable, cost-effective solution for cross-border e-commerce shippers in India with the key objective of helping e-commerce shippers retain and grow their rankings with their customers or market places.
iThink Logistics International will also deliver shipment to Amazon and third-party warehouses in all key destinations.
We plan to offer our services to all key destination markets across the US, CA, Europe, Australia and NZ by March 2023.”

About iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics is an end-to-end AI-enabled SaaS-based shipping platform that covers 26,000+ pin codes in India.
The company’s cutting-edge online portal can be linked with marketplaces or online stores through APIs (for importing orders) and has a built-in channel that connects with multiple renowned courier partners.
Clients can also book parcel shipping services and print labels using the service. Additionally, the technology provides real-time shipment tracking updates.
Additionally iThink Logistics has also patented a 6-step NDR ( Explain this in full form ) and an advanced User interface and shipping dashboard that provides shippers with detailed shipping analysis and reporting to enable effective shipping decisions.
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