Is Bharat Jodo a new Congress revival scheme or boost people confidence in congress for United India?

Indian National Congress have legacy more than 120 years, a contribution in freedom movement and as political party. Congress as a ruling political party from 1950, ruled over more than 50 years in India.Mahatama Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru are the pioneers of congress expansion across state.

Ideologically Congress is center – left party in parliament popular as Indian freedom movement party. Over the years opposition allegedly are critical about Nepotism in party and party of Gandhi family private company. Now UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Member of parliament Mr Rahul Gandhi led Congress is at critical state from 2014.

  • After early 90’s and death of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991, congress started weaken in some northern and entire southern region of India.
  • Upcoming Bharat Jodo Yatra will revive congress or people believe in congress for sustain from dividing India?
  • Will Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kashmir to Kanyakumari 150 days journey will help congress party revival or it will help to integrate India
  • Is Nepotism is congress problem or inconsistency and communication gap is dividing congress
  • Are we failing to recognized congress contribution in developing country or it just a gimmick to propagate congress?
  • Is congress party is victim of Modi Magic?

Congress has legacy of freedom movement which having cutting edge for congress philosophy. It is true that Nehru –Gandhi family ruled mostly a congress party but does that mean all other parties are real nepotism free? Congress also tried for Gandhi family free congress in some circumstances but that not work for congress. After Death of Rajiv Gandhi things are substantially change for Party. Congress loses their connectivity with mass people. Large sympathy after late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi death Rajiv sworn in as Prime Minister by record break majority, at that time congress fall down started for not resolve issues in party.

Congress has its own ideology as secularism and Intergrate India ideology and known for tending towards left while framing economic policies. Three years ago I spoke with congress party senior leader off the camera he said ‘congress loses it bases right from 1985 itself for some reasons. Congress lobby damage party connects to ground activist and people and not focusing on economic policy integration for all section of society.”

Then after Congress had much agitation on Rafale issue, Beti Bacho movement, agitation against inflation, Chowkidar Chor Hai campaign but does that work for congress. Well result is against congress again after 2019 general elections. We need to have a look at Congress hierarchy of party and party bearer coordination to top level. We can think on national policies and achievement of party electoral result but there are solid gaps in party to make strong political structure in Party and on ground level election booth management.

At good time, Congress more focused on northern belt despite they are failing to do so, even in south belt congress is hardly present in two states as regional parties are strong in south India. But what about North? Indira Gandhi Sanjay Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi now Rahul Gandhi all are elected from Uttar Pradesh and northern belt. Raibareli, Amethi constituencies are political home ground .But in 2019, by winning in Waynad Rahul Gandhi become Member of Parliament but loosing election in Amethi against Smruti Irani is big message for congress existence. Three state election won by congress in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan are signs of local incumbency and other factors. But Congress thought these are positive signs and despite that they were rely on optimistic results in general elections.

After Globalisation and reforms by Narsimha Rao Government, Congress feel it is advantages in upcoming election but Congress lost again by taking over Janata Dal and coalition government. The biggest weakness of Congress party they feel over confidence about long legacy of party and their populist development achievements. Congress failed to understand and adopt new trends in national and international politics. They kept insisting on traditional politics it become Congress biggest problem. After Modi Magic since 2014, Congress ruled states are 2 once they have more than 16 states. They even completely disappear from Uttar Pradesh a politically important state.

By Modi’s popular speeches, unbelievable promises stand against corruption, demonetization and hard line Hindutva with Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas slogan work for Modi that work for people or not is a different subject all together. Congress failed in publicity and marketing of their past work even from nationalization of bank in early 70’s.As a market leader any company forecast predication of upcoming challenges and aspiration of the people. Still in Social media regime congress not adopted to build good strategies for Social media. Many big notable leaders are living party may be some people are going towards BJP or other parties for political benefits but when it comes to loyalist congress leaders like Jayveer Shergill, recent rebel leader Gulam Nabi Azad are the signs for communication gap in congress.

By indirect Hindutva agenda and political devlopement slogan model work for Modi because he has well-structured party running model. Well team of spokesperson, party bearers, well organize leadership, well PR consultant around him. India wants now corporate party to run India by heavily influence by Federal President oriented democracy and centralization of authoritarian government in one hand. Currently PM Modi had lot of criticism as new dictatorship in federal democracy. All mainline media is heavily biased for ruling party and it is well known general fact. Some Hindi news channels are openly taking side of BJP. The unbiased media are targeted on the basis on allegedly giving label as Anti Modi and Anti-India for covering news which are not convenient for government.

PM Modi always talked about Congress as Parivar and Corrupt party. But if we in real more than 40 political dynasty families exist in BJP, more than 100 MP’s are become ‘Purified by coming to BJP from Congress and other parties. Not a 1 single ED action taken against such leader who have corruption allegation before coming BJP. But without proving corruption charges tribunal government is giving extended judicial custody against opposition leaders. First time in the history of India the panel of Supreme Court judges openly took press conference about government interference on court decisions. That is dangerous stance for democracy.

If we talked about Gandhi family, Congressmen want Gandhi to lead Congress. After Indira Gandhi death congress workers were demanded Rajiv Gandhi as prime minister despite of he and Sonia Gandhi not willing to enter politics it become compulsion for him to sworn as Prime Minister. After death of Rajiv Gandhi party decided to give access to Sitaram Kesari as Congress president, then even Narasimha Rao become prime minister even did successful reforms in economy in form of globalization. But politically due to weaken grip on party structure and BJP’s raising Ayodhya Yatra and influence of Mandal Commission initiated by then Prime Minister V.P.Singh. Congress started lose base in congress stronghold areas. IN complex political situation and BJP Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost general election, at that time congress lead UPA government came in power. Coalition government become political compulsion for congress to focus instead on economic policies, it is become priority for Congress to do compromise to run government by adjustment with its allies.
In 1998 Congressmen insisted Sonia Gandhi to handle situation in critical time. That worked too for Congress and Sonia Gandhi as well. In UPA government Rahul Gandhi not took any responsibility to handle any ministry. Rahul Gandhi became victim of changing political situations.
Rahul Gandhi not realized to adopt changing political situation and understand world of social media. The power of social media is already proved in 2014.Mockery of Rahul Gandhi became strong tool for BJP IT cell .The common citizen who do not have understanding of inside politics started judging Rahul Gandhi on basis pre image created in media. Though Congress have internal problem as I mentioned before loss of connect with common people become chaos in party, Many party bearer are sideline as a different camps in same party. Congress is failed to adopt what people want now in slogan at least. It is not well known fact how modified India develop India but slogan wise Modi became popular in Pan India. Gujarat Model becomes trending topic in 2014 Lok Sabha election. Highly PR dominated campaign worked for Modi, high price expenditure had on advertisement. Well plan team is help still to Modi Magic.
But losing Congress leader day by day, Yes definitely Congress have so weakened that opposition parties are taking leverage out of it on congress by demanding high expectation for coalition with Congress and INC not in mood to accept that conditions. Opposition parties do not have unity but everyone have aspiration to lead front. Now as main opposition party the Congress have to become strong as possible. As a political party Rahul Gandhi need to do work for party for 24×7 and need lot of changes need to build new brigade, need to deliver speeches and policies as people expects. Need to focus on marketing and good consultant around him. Arvind Kejriwal realized and studied Modi tactics. Doing much criticism on Modi, it giving benefit to Modi’s ecosystem. But to tackle Modi he revised Modi’s strategy itself by more campaigning, marketing, ethnic pride promotion. That work for Kejriwal too.
After Delhi he able to win elections in Punjab and now he tried to fight BJP by sidelined Congress. That intelligence will work for Congress if they realize this. As far as Bharat Jodo Campaign which 3500 kms standing march creating hope for congress and citizens to tackle Hate, Trolls, Religious Division of country. After long time people seem excite about Bharat Jodo Yatra but that is not enough for Congress. Will it work for congress in future don’t know but yes it can be turning point for Rahul Gandhi to start from scratch.
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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