International Women’s Day highlights women in leadership

International Women’s Day had a special meaning for GolfSuites in 2022 with the new leadership of an amazing woman. “I am a results-driven HR leader whose career path combines training and development, organizational development, internal communications, and operational strategy.

GolfSuites announced the addition to their leadership team by hiring Ann England. In seeking to meet the company’s growing demands for proven leadership, they secured a female leader that has a stellar track record of managing and scaling a company with multiple locations. In her last role, they exceeded 600 locations during her tenure. Nick Flanagan, President and Chief Operating Officer of GolfSuites shared, “Ann is the best choice to head up our Human Resource, Training, and Development department at GolfSuites. We are growing an inclusive, diverse, and dynamic family. Her unique perspective and employee-centered, responsive approach is a critical hire to scale and grow exponentially. We look forward to many years together here at GolfSuites to meet the market demand in golf entertainment.”

What motivates me most is making a tangible difference in the organizations I work for, including influencing performance and culture,”.

Ann England

According to a recent Forbes article, “A new study of 423 companies across the US and Canada by McKinsey & Company and finds women are better than men at helping employees navigate work-life challenges and taking action to prevent or manage employee burnout. Women also spend more time contributing to diversity and inclusion efforts.”

GolfSuites offers a complimentary blend of a proven entertainment segment and an expanding leadership team including Ann England. They democratize participation opportunities with their active investment opportunities including Reg D 506 C and Reg A for non-accredited investors.

There are millions of women that can work in and invest in a traditionally male-dominated golf entertainment industry.

GolfSuites has 3 locations with 4 more in development. They are expecting to continue on a profitable growth trajectory, paying 8% tax-deferred, paid quarterly out of net cash flow from operating locations. Ann and her team are blazing a trail for the future.

About GolfSuites: GolfSuites was created to take advantage of the significant and growing demand for more affordable, less time-consuming alternatives for golfers while providing family-oriented sports entertainment and alternative dining options. The GolfSuites management team brings over 100 years of combined golf, entertainment, food and beverage, and hospitality experience, uniquely positioning

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