Fittr Organises its First Ever’ Insiders Club’ with an aim to Making 50 Million People Fit in the Next 10 Years

FITTR’s Insider Club program will help to educate the community by focussing on sustainable fitness and by sharing technology-backed wellness and fitness knowledge

Observing a rise in the new breed of fitness enthusiasts following a hybrid model to meet their fitness goals, FITTR, one of the world’s largest online fitness & nutrition platforms and communities, announced the launch of its first-ever ‘Insiders Club.’
The ‘Insiders Club’ is an initiative to democratize virtual fitness, making it a key component of the fitness and wellness industry.

The event was held in Symbiosis Pune, wherein the fitness community members interacted with FITTR coaches and key FITTR leaders, including Mr. Jitendra Chouksey, Mr. Rohit Chattopadhyay Co-Founder & Director, Fittr, Mr. Bala Krishna Reddy, Co-Founder & Director, Fittr and INFS and Mr. Rohit Chattopadhyay Co-Founder & Director, Fittr who spoke about some of the vital aspects to leading a healthy life like- maintaining a perfect balance of physical, mental, social and financial well-being.

During the event, Mr. Chouksey also thanked the coaching fraternity at FITTR for constantly innovating their style and offering a helping hand in devising plans, thereby enhancing the overall client-coach service experience. The 300,000+ transformation is evidence of the fact that quantified nutrition and scientifically backed health-related knowledge is helping millions move the needle toward a healthy & and active lifestyle.

“By democratizing virtual fitness, we can match our users’ needs to the best fitness, nutritional and personal coach, besides helping them in achieving the desired goals in the most efficient and effective manner. With the Insiders Club, we want to empower our fitness community and reach every corner of the country to share the knowledge of fitness and motivate people to embark upon their fitness journey. We hope that the Insiders Club sparks this fitness enthusiasm and helps us in our mission of making 50 million people fit in the next decade.”

Mr. Jitendra Chouksey, Founder & CEO, Fittr

FITTR’s Insiders Club will host monthly sessions in different parts of the country, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. These sessions will be attended by the community members & coaches residing in the respective states to engage & communicate effectively & deep-dive to gather optimal solutions for offering a fit and active lifestyle.

About Fittr:
Fittr is a leading tech-enabled community-first health and fitness platform that connects millions of users with hundreds of certified coaches and nutritionists around the world to help them lead a healthy and fit life. Fittr provides a single platform that helps consumers with all their fitness requirements- from finding the right diet plan, nutritionist, BMR / MACRO calculator/ Body fat calculator, 1RM Calculator to INFS certified coaches. Fittr is a safe and judgment-free platform propelling learning, transformation, inspiration, and exploration of career opportunities in fitness, backed by a scientific approach to nutrition and exercising.

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