India’s Aquaconnect to participate in the fifth edition of the Paris Peace Forum 2022

The organization, committed to improving farm productivity and value chain transparency in aquaculture, is one of the two Indian startups invited to the event in Paris

Aquaconnect, a technology-driven full-stack aquaculture inputs and outputs platform with embedded fintech, supported by a phygital distribution network, today announced that it had been selected to showcase its solutions at the fifth edition of the Paris Peace Forum 2022.

Aquaconnect is amongst the 60 leading projects from across the world selected to represent its work under the ‘Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for economic development in the Global South’ category. Aquaconnect is also one of only two Indian companies invited to present its unique tech solutions at the event, which will be held on November 11 and 12, 2022, at the Palais Brongniart in Paris.

The platform will allow the participants to present their projects and discuss their contributions in their respective fields. Focusing on preserving global cooperation, the Forum will also give them the opportunity to share their views on the issues in global governance and how they are addressing the same. In line with this, Aquaconnect will have the opportunity to present its solutions that foster sustainability in aquaculture and climate action through technology.

As a participant, Aquaconnect will have a dedicated booth in the Forum’s Space for Solutions and take the floor during the event to speak about how it is driving responsible production and consumption, improving efficiency and transparency, and aiding an increase in value realization in aquaculture through intelligent tech intervention.

Founded in 2018, the Paris Peace Forum is a platform open to all seeking to develop coordination, rules, and capacities that answer global problems. Every year from November 11 to 13, the platform convenes to address some of the most pressing global governance challenges and seeks to find tangible solutions to bridge the gap. As part of this, the organizing committee invites public and private organizations from around the world to present their governance projects and solutions. These projects are presented in the form of stands and take part in debates with leaders, elected officials, experts, and other stakeholders.

The annual Forum is also a platform for advancing the most promising governance projects. Each year, the Paris Peace Forum supports ten governance projects selected from those presented at the annual Forum. Throughout the year, these projects receive tailored support for their advocacy, communication, and organizational development activities. Set to take place at the end of a tumultuous year, the 5th edition of the Paris Peace Forum will focus on ‘Riding out the multicrisis’ and preventing a destructive world polarization that would jeopardize collective efforts. By launching transnational solutions, initiatives, and debates, the Forum will show examples of resolve, resilience, and solidarity from stakeholders of the North and South to address today’s most pressing issues in the midst of a volatile and fast-changing context.

Commenting on the company’s participation at the prestigious global Forum, Founder & CEO Rajamanohar Somasundaram said, “The UN predicts that by 2050, close to 200 million people worldwide will be displaced due to the negative impacts of climate change, threatening food security, livelihoods, and social stability in coastal and island nations. As the demand for protein rises with a growing population, the need for sustainable food production is ever more pressing. It is time we recognize and harness the full potential of aquaculture as an alternate and sustainable source of food production.

At Aquaconnect, our aim is to promote sustainable aquaculture activities through technology and financial intervention. Aquaconnect enables data-driven solutions, AI, and satellite remote sensing in aquaculture to improve efficiency, sustainability, and value chain transparency. We look forward to sharing our learnings with the world.”

About Aquaconnect: Founded in 2017, Aquaconnect is a technology-driven full-stack aquaculture input and outputs platform with embedded fintech, supported by a phygital distribution network. Headquartered in Chennai, Aquaconnect works with various stakeholders in the aquaculture value chain to drive responsible production and consumption, improve efficiency and transparency, and increase value realization through tech intervention.

Aquaconnect’s solutions are helping navigate the challenges in the aquaculture value chain and connecting farmers with the upstream (Feed Producers, Farm Equipment Manufacturers, Input Retailers, Banks, Insurers) and downstream of the supply chain (Seafood Processors, Importers, and Certifying Bodies). Through a unique AI-powered advisory solution and omnichannel marketplace, Aquaconnect has assisted 60,000+ aquaculture farmers in areas such as monitoring and tracking culture operations at every stage, improving disease prediction rates and accuracy, boosting production efficiency, producing higher-quality shrimp, and increasing profitability.
Aquaconnect is funded by HATCH-Norway, India’s pioneer Agritech VC Omnivore, Japan’s Rebright Partners, Flourish Ventures, AgFunder, and 6G Capital. The startup is part of the Innovator cohort at Seafood Innovation Project and Hatch Accelerator, Norwegian Seafood Innovation Cluster.
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