How Do Architecture Leaders Stay Ahead of the Curve?

How Do Architecture Leaders Stay Ahead of the Curve?
How Do Architecture Leaders Stay Ahead of the Curve?

There is a reason why a leader is called a leader, be it in any field or profession. It’s a journey that one takes to achieve, and it’s essential to keep the same position and all it takes to stand put on it.

The new-age world of architecture leaders is all about coming out of your comfort zone and bringing something out of the box. In this super-competitive world, it’s essential to be quick, innovative, and dynamic.

Speaking specifically about the architecture world, you should know well about the upcoming trends to fit in the market and survive in the industry.

Here are some of the best ways and tips for an aspiring person to learn how Leaders in Architecture Stay Ahead of the Game and set a benchmark for young designers and architectures coming forward.

Embrace New Technology-Technology architecture is the future of architecture; in simple language, the end and technology go hand in hand, giving a shining and fantastic experience.

We can see immersive technological advancement is changing the way designing used to be done. Now it’s important to work according to the upcoming trends in technology: VR, AR, MR & 3D. It’s essential to understand Virtual Reality; Artificial Intelligence can significantly expand the limits of architecture and construction. Thus, if you want to be a successful leader, it’s essential to understand how new-age technology can be a game-changer and how you can transform the world with techno-equipped surroundings.

Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Designing-Post-Pandemic society has become sustainability-conscious and is inclined toward environmentally responsible buildings. We see the concept of sustainable or eco-friendly design has increased its significance and has grown popular, owing to the need for environmental conservation.

This has led designers to adopt solutions to move forward with an environmental-conscious approach and design building homes with the proper focus on protecting the future environment and climate. If you are the one who aims to be a great architect, it’s your responsibility to reduce the negative impact on your society and build a better sustainable future. To do this, you need to be more active while deciding which materials and products to be used and how well people will be able to interact with their surrounding spaces.

Importance of multi-functional space- This multi-functional space has become a massive success in 2022 as humans understand the importance of these functional spaces and how they help you adapt to the new normal and let you work from home. Architects or interior designers should know how to expand their working areas as a new notion. New-built homes need to feature rooms to study and work starting from a private space. The kitchen area should be large enough to have dining attached to it. The modern house won’t be confined to workplaces but a room for people to relax and calm themselves and make a home feel as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Thus to be ahead of the game, a good and intelligent leader needs to strategize well on how they can place the space in better ways.

Strong Networking & teamwork-Remember it’s essential to maintain a good network in your community. Get to know everyone in your architecture community and allied fields (all ages and experience levels). Being a part of this community let you stay in the race altogether and even help you learn from your peer and senior someday, which also leads to grab good opportunities in life. Networking in person is essential, but in today’s era, networking on Instagram and LinkedIn can increase one’s reach to places one never thought.

Organizational learning-Behind every successful leader is excellent team support and vice versa. To achieve any goals or target, it’s essential to have a good team growing and achieving together. Powering the team members to make decisions and solve problems on their own is necessary as it makes the employees engaged. With that experience, more ideas are offered on the table.
Situation Awareness- Another aspect is situation awareness, which means that the leader must analyze the situation with the client, understand their needs, and deliver it in the design. And also should be bold enough to deal with all kinds of clients and stand out with all their expectations.

The authored article is written by Aatika Manzar, Founder Director at Aatika Manzar Designs and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.

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