Heritage valley health system deploys bluestream health for virtual care solution

Bluestream Health, a Platform-as-a-Service that makes it easy to implement and scale on-demand virtual care, today announced that Heritage Valley Health System has implemented Bluestream Health’s virtual-first care API solution.

This rapidly growing virtual care platform is designed to power healthcare providers and patients, no matter their location, language, or age. Bluestream Health is providing telehealth solutions to 80+ providers at 250 provider sites — including ambulatory care and behavioral health.

Bluestream Health’s virtual-first care solution for Heritage Valley Health System supports the health organization’s strategy to go beyond just transactional appointments like creating shorter visits or creating less data entry to supporting patients and staff with overall health management.

“As we continue this transformational shift within the healthcare industry to a prevention and wellness model, telehealth is a critical feature,” said Robert Swaskowski, chief information and security officer, Heritage Valley Health System.

“The easier it is for people to use, with the most options available—whether it’s a link in an app, a link in their text, or a link in their email—the more likely they are to use it, and Bluestream Health’s solution is the easiest and most comprehensive by far.”

“Bluestream Health is thrilled to partner with forward-thinking organizations like Heritage Valley Health System,” said Brian Yarnell, president and co-founder Bluestream Health.

“Heritage Valley Health System believes in increasing patient engagement, improving the physician experience, and solving complex problems with customized solutions and we’re privileged to enable the workflows that support this vision.”

Integration is Key

Heritage Valley Health System is working with Bluestream Health to develop applications and workflows in the API, so it can continue to use their pre-existing applications. Providers or patients don’t need another app with a new log-in to remember, instead Heritage Valley Health System will be leveraging their existing kiosks and mobile apps to help improve the experience for everyone.

“Long before COVID-19 accelerated the worldwide rush towards virtual visits, Heritage Valley Health System created its own mobile app that offers telehealth and when they looked for a new telehealth partner to round out their portfolio of patient-first technologies, we were happy to work with them to complete the virtual care offering that would provide a fully integrated, embedded experience for patients,” added Yarnell.

“We tried for years to create a better online visit with forms that would eventually integrate with our EHR. But it didn’t go well,” said Swaskowski . “We needed seamless integration for providers and patients that would allow our staff and physicians to not have to flip between different applications or schedule appointment in multiple software platforms.

We wanted everything to be embedded in one place, and Bluestream Health helped us solve these issues and provide real integration. The bigger players basically said, ‘this is our platform, you adapt to us.'”
About Bluestream Health
Bluestream Health is a Platform-as-a-Service that makes it easy to implement and scale on-demand virtual care. The shift to on-demand care means making it easy for all patients to access care providers 24/7 through multiple front doors and providing the tools to efficiently turn brick-and-mortar workflows into virtual with intelligent triage/escalation and efficient handoff to clinical delivery. Healthcare organizations like NYC Health + Hospitals, QLER telepsychiatry and pCare use Bluestream Health’s platform-as-a-service to accelerate the growth of their virtual care business.
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