Go traditional, add a vintage touch to your home this festive season

Vintage Rugs have been all the rage in home fashion in the past few years.

When paired with modern furniture, they create an amazing juxtaposition of tradition and innovation that will light up any space! They’re a great way to bring a unique look to your home.

Moreover, a good vintage rug isn’t limited to your floor. Hang one on your wall to make the perfect style statement without going overboard.

Here are a few vintage products by The Rug Republic to amp up your style quotient.


Who said vintage rugs are only for the indoors? Jacquard looks good everywhere. Elevate your terrace or garden as you’ve never thought of before with the innovative Aluet rug.

The polypropylene construction means this one will last you ages; rain, snow, or heat. Upscale your patio furniture without having to worry about maintenance while indulging your vintage temptations.


Do you like old-school Persian vibes but don’t want to take on the headache of maintaining a silk rug? Us too! The Ruivo is a masterpiece in cotton chenille that immediately elevates your space by a couple of notches.

Pair this rug with a sleek, monotone couch, and you’ll never want to leave that room. Beautiful? Check. Handmade? Check. Durable? Check. Vintage? Check. There are no home decor needs the Ruivo rug can’t fulfill.


If you’re looking for just a touch of Vintage in your space without overpowering it, the Auray Pouf is the product of your dreams.

The jacquard weave construction of this piece offers intricate, complex, and unique designs that are more durable than a more basic weave.

The Vintage look isn’t limited to rugs. This lightweight accessory works wonderfully as extra seating when you have all those guests over (not to mention it’s all they’ll talk about) and doubles up as a footstool when you want to kick back. Fashion & comfort combined like never before.
It is that time of the year when all things cozy become your favorite! KEDRI Rug is hand woven, over tufted in wool and inspired by vintage rugs. The abrush look gives a cozy and rustic touch to the space.


Kabru, hand-woven, Punja in wool, is inspired by traditional rugs. The dotted effect is an exciting texture added to it. The color palette is so versatile that Kabru can work with contemporary interiors. It is the perfect ethnic touch to minimalistic interiors.
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