Global G.L.O.W.’s girl advocacy committee led NGO CSW66 parallel event on climate change and economic empowerment

Advocacy committee-led NGO , Global G.L.O.W., an international nonprofit dedicated to equipping girls with the skills and resources they need to advocate for themselves and their communities, celebrated its annual participation in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the principal global intergovernmental body exclusively committed to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. CSW plays a significant role in promoting women’s rights, documenting the reality of women’s lives worldwide and shaping global standards on gender equality. Global G.L.O.W.’s primary goal in this forum was to ensure girls’ voices are heard in the global conversation.

“We are proud to participate at the UN CSW again this year to celebrate the power of girls and women to promote gender equity and transform their communities,” said”Having girls from around the world come together to lead on the UN stage showcases for everyone just how fierce and capable girls are.”

Global G.L.O.W. Founder and Executive Chair Kylie Schuyler.

In conjunction with CSW at the United Nations, where NGO CSW/NY organizes civil society organizations to host over 750 events that run parallel to the official UN session, Global G.L.O.W. hosts a parallel event each year through NGO CSW. The event this year was led by Global G.L.O.W.’s inaugural Girl Advocacy Committee, a committee of program participants from Cameroon, Colombia, India, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, and Uganda that has taken a leadership role in representing girls’ perspectives at international advocacy events.

The girls have determined the focus and format for the event within the themes set by the Commission. At the event titled, “Hear Girls Now: Our Right to A Better World,” Girl Advocacy Representatives shared resources and perspectives on climate change and economic empowerment and the effects on their communities.

To amplify the voices of all 15,000 club members from around the world, the Girl Advocacy Committee also included fellow GLOW Club members’ perspectives by asking what they believe can be done to reduce the effect of climate change and their thoughts on the benefits of empowering girls and women economically. Their perspectives were shared via video during the event as Girl Advocacy Representatives discussed the challenges they see in working towards gender equality, shared their experience as girl advocates, and proposed their recommendations to policy-makers.

“As girls, we can do anything, and as girls, we have potential. We need to join together to see how we can solve the problem of climate change–let us not limit ourselves,” . “This will be a stepping stone for us and encourage us to do things that will better our society, so we can be an inspiration to others. As girls, we are the future of our nations.”

Fang Brilliant Claire (WESAD, Cameroon).

The current Girl Advocacy Committee’s term culminates with CSW66. As Global G.L.O.W. opens up applications for additional club members to join the next Girl Advocacy Committee cohort, Global G.L.O.W. will continue to prioritize diverse representation on the committee to ensure that all perspectives are included in girls’ advocacy spaces. With the Girl Advocacy Committee’s engagement, Global G.L.O.W. hopes and expects that the participating governing bodies will continue to listen to girls when considering the critical issues being addressed at CSW.

About Global G.L.O.W.:
Global G.L.O.W. is a 501(c)(3) organization working to advance gender equity and build a better tomorrow by accelerating girls’ greatness today. Founded in 2012 and operating in 27 countries, including the United States, Global G.L.O.W. creates and operates innovative programs to mentor girls to advocate for themselves and make their communities stronger.

Around the world, Global G.L.O.W.’s programs are designed to equip girls with the skills and resources they need to thrive, knowing that when girls are strong, healthy, and educated, they change their communities and transform societies.

Through its innovative girl-led model, Global G.L.O.W. works collaboratively with girls and communities to develop unique out-of-school programs addressing the most critical barriers affecting girls globally across the impact areas of self-advocacy, well-being, educational engagement, economic opportunity, and community impact.

Working alongside grassroots organizations, key global stakeholders, NGOs, and educational institutions, Global G.L.O.W. activates girl-driven change through its programming and partnerships.
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