GiftChill platform was announced to be among the first digital platforms that allow users to buy their desired gift cards from the top brands in the industry by Ethereum

GiftChill, the platform where you can earn rewards by making gift recommendations, is excited to announce adding Ethereum as a payment method on its platform.

This is a significant step forward for Ethereum; it will attract more mainstream users to daily use of this promising cryptocurrency

The gift card market is vast, and it’s growing. But no one’s figured out a way to make it fantastic or rewarding enough to make it worth spending time on.

What if there was a way that you could buy gift cards with all cryptocurrencies, which would be available in the form of a debit card? GiftChill is one startup trying to do just that.

GiftChill has already made the leap from beta to live, and they’re now accepting Ethereum for payments. The reason for this is simple: GiftChill wants its platform to have maximum flexibility for different kinds of companies.

People who want to use their gift cards can do so regardless of what type of currency they’re using. If they have an Ethereum wallet and know how to use the exchange websites like Coinbase (which isn’t rocket science), they can use it.

This new payment method offers another option for customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency but don’t want to mess around with the complicated process of buying ETH.

“This option is more convenient than using credit cards for purchases done through its platform” claimed K. Lawson, the CEO of GiftChill.

More About GiftChill: GiftChill is a website that allows users to purchase gift cards from different brands using Cryptocurrency. Now users will be able to buy gift cards using Ethereum. They don’t even need to convert their Cryptocurrency to fiat.

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