FretBox Applications discusses their services and how they have prospered over the years being in the market

A notice board, visitor log, amenities booking, digital assistant, surveyor, account and security desk, and many more capabilities are included in the all-purpose Fretbox programme. Additionally, they have an AI that allows for 24-hour customer service and is completely capable of responding to any common queries without the help of a corporate agent.

How many app downloads?

More than 2,000 FretBox Applications have been downloaded so far in more than 40 premium Guest houses & College Institutes across Pune, Bhopal, and Bhubaneswar, Oriental Group of Colleges, LNCT Group of Colleges, and Rajkiya Engineering College.
FretBox is currently working on many tie-ups with different premium colleges & Universities and is expected to reach more than 10,000 downloads in the month of October.

How does the app work?

Everyone has to download this app, right who are living in the society, right? The visitors also?

FretBox app can be downloaded and used by everyone in a hostel from hostel owner, directors, wardens, managers, facilities staffs, security personal & the residents. FretBox is a Subscription-based tech platform. Its connects everyone through an app platform and fixes the gaps in communication, problem management, daily operations, fund collection, and security.

Please share their revenue numbers since inception?

Currently we are in a pre-revenue stage and the beta launch program has been very successful, soon FretBox would be charging a monthly subscription fee to its customers, based on number of residents in their Hostels.

How many clients do they have and in which cities?

Currently, Fretbox has 40+ premium Guest houses & College Institutes like Balaji Management College, Oriental Group of Colleges, LNCT group of colleges, Rajkiya Engineering College Banda have signed up with FretBox so far for their hostel campuses. These colleges are in cities like Pune, Bhopal, and Bhubaneshwar. Additionally, FretBox is aiming to be in 40 plus premium colleges by the end of 2022.

Their competitors (share names) and USP?

We are the ones to address this gap first in the market. Hence, currently in the market we are invested in and keeping in mind our target audience, there aren’t many main players in the market that could be considered mainstream competition.
What are the charges for individual students?
FretBox subscription charges are ranging ₹ 5 or ₹ 10 per student in a hostel or PG to be paid by Institution. FretBox is very economical to use with zero starting cost. Once fully implemented it increases the overall productivity by 60% and enhance security hence it’s a big value add to the hostel campuses.
Future growth plans
FretBox, with the aim of increasing the download of applications by more than 10k users, is currently aiming to increase their presence in more than 40 plus premium colleges, campuses, PGs, and hostels by the end of 2022.
Ashish Gupta – Ashish is a B.Tech. and has 12+ years plus of experience in digital implementation, team management, project delivery and inside sales. Ashish is CEO and co-founder of Fretbox technologies Ltd. He has built a good network of clients, generated revenue and provided financial support.
Bishnu Sahoo- Bishnu Sahoo is a B.Tech having 12+ years of experience and heads the technical team. He has focused on product development and design.
Sidharth Kaul- Siddharth is an MBA with 23 years B2B, B2C India & international experience in FMCD, FMCG, telecom, Apparel & Con. Durable Ecommerce. For FretBox, Siddharth leads in Product commercialization and business strategy for Customer & Investors.

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