Find & Meet something new at Meetz STORE, a showrooming store opens on April 29

Five curators who produce new discovery under five themes

TAKASHIMAYA TRANSCOSMOS INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE PTE. LTD. (Headquarters: Singapore; Managing Director, CEO: Takahiro Kawaguchi; TTIC; a joint venture of Takashimaya Company, Limited. and transcosmos inc.), is delighted to announce that Meetz STORE, our retail store designed specifically for showrooming will open in Takashimaya Shinjuku store on April 29, 2022.

The Meetz STORE will bring items under the themes of gourmet, genderless lifestyle, beauty, arts & crafts, and ethical.

Meetz STORE: Purpose

Meetz STORE, a store specifically designed for showrooming, presents items that you can hardly find in department stores, and makes you delight at new discoveries.

Covid-19 and other recent trends induced changes in our lifestyle.

To meet the changing consumer buying behavior, we have decided to open the Meetz STORE with the aim to bring new value to consumers by creating a touchpoint with a wide range of customers including the young who don’t regularly visit department stores.

Meetz STORE: Space design concept

Make the showrooming store – where digital meets physical- a place where customers enjoy an analogue shopping experience.

With that in mind, we designed the space to create a minimal world view that embraces diverse items with different product personalities by leveraging one of Takashimaya’s key strengths as a department store; editing expertise.

Make each item take the center stage in a world of white. On display stands of diverse shapes, every item stands out, whilst simple and flat floor space brings out the distinctive charm of each brand.

Branding and interior are designed by George Creative Company (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President: George Amano).

Product lineup, hand-picked by our curators with a savvy in five themes

Meetz STORE presents brands under five themes; gourmet, genderless lifestyle, beauty, arts & crafts, and ethical. Product offerings include items chosen by our five expert curators with a savvy in their respective themes.

Entertainer & Gourmet: Jimon Terakado

Selection of world’s food items that bring you happiness (Foods, kitchen items, restaurant gift cards, etc.)
Born in 1962.
Jimon Terakado is a member of Japan’s comedy trio Dacho Club, and belongs to Ohta Production. Jimon stars in various variety show programs, and also well-known as a prominent gourmet in the entertainment industry.
In particular, one of his programs, Terakado Jimon no Shuzai Kyhohino Mise, was a hit.
In the program, he directly negotiates with distinguished restaurants that serve culinary masterpieces but has a non-media interview policy, to get permission to cover them in the program.
Today, Jimon produces leather goods made of Matsuzaka cow leather, as well as department stores and events. He also has published many books on food and restaurants, and writes original stories of manga.
Jimon has a particular passion for Yakiniku, or Korean barbeque, and has obtained a livestock dealer license.
In September 2020, Jimon launched his YouTube channel, “Terakado Jimon no Uza Channel.” In the same year, he made a directorial debut with his movie “Food Luck!”
Architectural designer & Consultant: Sari Kaede
Selection of uplifting items to help you overcome borders including gender, age, and disability (Cosmetics, supplements, beauty items and apparel)
Sari Kaede is an architectural designer and consultant at Japan’s leading design firm with the top market share in architectural design and management. She also gives lectures on LGBTQ as a transgender woman.
She changed her gender during her time in Keio University Graduate School in 2017, and is drawing market attention as a transgender woman staring in diverse fields ranging from architecture, branding to being a fashion model.
You decide, a documentary film that closely covers her quest for Miss International Queen, was officially invited to the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2020 for the first time in Japan, and consequently won the best documentary award. The film is now available on Netflix.
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