Experion celebrates Onam to the fullest post-pandemic

Experion Technologies has a long-standing tradition of celebrating diversity and inclusivity as their employees are from different parts of the country; all major festivals are celebrated to the hilt in the company’s offices.

To celebrate the roots of the Kerala-based organisation, the company celebrated Onam this year with full-fledged fanfare, marking the end of a pandemic-induced pause in the otherwise lively celebrations at the workplace.

The ‘Experion Onam Fest’, as it has been dubbed, was attended by more than 1000 employees in their Kochi and Trivandrum offices, participating in games and enjoying stage performances of classical dances, western dances and other musical events.

It is interesting to note, that despite being an ‘Onam celebration’, the celebrations were planned in a manner that makes it accessible and enjoyable for everyone attending, regardless of whether they are from Kerala or not – the event was designed to be enjoyed as a large get-together, a celebration of the Experion spirit, more than a regional festival.

The event aims to celebrate Onam as a festival that transcends all socio-economic barriers. The organisation has put careful thought into ensuring all their employees feel like an equal part of the celebrations.

Gift boxes have been sent out to those outside the state who cannot make it to the celebrations and employees on maternity break to ensure inclusivity.

“Every harvest festival brings people together, and post-COVID, it’s all the more important to let people meet once again and celebrate in person. It was heartening to see the enthusiasm with which Experionites prepared for this event – building team spirit is crucial for the current phase of the industry, with so many new recruits joining our ranks, and I’m glad to see that people are excited to come together in person again! The camaraderie that was so sorely missed for the past two years will definitely be revived with this event.”

said Mr Binu Jacob, CEO & MD, Experion Technologies.

Onam celebrations at Experion have been an occasion to commemorate the heritage of the land of its origins, and the people who work for the organisation, for many years now, earning extensive admiration for the company within the tech circles of Kerala.

About Experion Technologies:

Experion Technologies is a global IT solutions company enabling enterprises with future-ready digital solutions by harnessing its unmatched expertise in product engineering.

As a digital transformation partner to 350+ global customers across 35 countries, Experion is focused on creating meaningful value, innovation, and shared success for its customers, partners, and society.

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