Exclusive Capital launches Become Your Own Boss initiative

this Exclusive offering is the ideal 'job'- promising autonomy, empowerment and, most importantly, full funding.

Leading investment house Exclusive Capital announced the launch of its Become Your Own Boss program – an initiative that fully supports aspiring entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses.

Known for offering financial technology services and solutions, Exclusive Capital aims to become a startup incubator and help entrepreneurs set up, launch, and run their own businesses by providing them with funding, workspace, expert teams, mentoring and training.

“Unhappy employees are our greatest source of future business owners. The Become Your Own Boss program invites anyone with dreams of having their own business to stop building someone else’s dream and start building their own. We help them do that. We fund and support them to start their own businesses and enjoy the luxury of being their own boss.”

Lambros Lambrou, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Exclusive Capital, stated:

For those thriving on independence, this Exclusive offering is the ideal ‘job’- promising autonomy, empowerment and, most importantly, full funding.

”We are the first company in our industry to launch a business owner program designed to help individuals looking for an employee escape plan. Our Become Your Own Boss initiative aims to support anyone who wants to have their own business but lacks the means to get started.”

Viktor Mandarasz, Founder & CEO of Exclusive Capital, said:

With Become Your Own Boss, Exclusive Capital offers would-be entrepreneurs the chance to use the company’s vast experience, expertise, services, technology, and funding to take ownership of their professional life, start their own brand and become bosses.

Interested parties can submit their business plans through the Become Your Own Boss page, where they can also find further information on the program.

About Exclusive Capital

Exclusive Capital helps clients navigate the complex process of establishing, preserving, and growing wealth.

As a boutique private investment house, Exclusive Capital offers the perfect environment for individuals and organizations to experience a more personal and carefully curated level of financial services.

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