Infrastructure iMasons Announces New Sustainability Leadership

iMasons have appointed Rob Aldrich, Head of Consulting at EcoLibrium Services

iMasons have appointed Rob Aldrich, Head of Consulting at EcoLibrium Services

PORTLAND, Ore., May 26, 2021 “Sustainability is a necessary consideration in all decisions made in the digital infrastructure industry, and is one of the four strategic pillars of the iMasons. We’ve been driving efforts to ensure that ‘every click improves the future’, and we’re thrilled to announce new leadership appointments to carry that vision forward”, announced Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director of Infrastructure Masons, a professional society of people in the digital infrastructure industry. The iMasons have appointed Rob Aldrich, Head of Consulting at EcoLibrium Services, as the Chair, and Lovisa Hagelberg, Director at CBRE, as the Vice Chair, of iMasons Sustainability Committee.  



“We have important work to do and all hands are needed. We appreciate their dedication.”- Dean Nelson

“The mission of the Sustainability committee is to reduce emissions, eliminate waste, be people positive, and compound our impact”, continued Mr. Omelchuck. “As our mission and global presence have grown, these critical committee leadership appointments are all the more important to drive change in our industry. These committee leaders represent iMasons on a global stage, and they connect us with individuals and organizations worldwide who can advance our mission towards a more sustainable future.’

“I am thrilled to be leading sustainability at the Infrastructure Masons and look forward to continuing our progress.  Our membership and this committee have many years of sustainable innovation experience that we look forward to sharing. We have important work to do and our industry is a critical enabler of sustainability worldwide.  Technology can be the force-multiplier for sustainability efforts, one click at a time..”  

Rob AldrichTechnologist, Environmentalist, Engineer, Author, Designer, Videographer, Martial Artist, Father 

“We are committed to making positive changes in the industry from carbon neutrality, renewable resources, increased efficiency, and continuing education on how to implement this sustainable vision in our companies. I am excited to join the iMasons Sustainability Leadership team at this time of such opportunity to create real change.”

Lovisa Hagelberg, Sustainability Advocate, Innovator, Engineer, Singer, Painter, Adventurer

“We are so pleased that Rob and Lovisa are taking up the mantle of leadership of our sustainability initiatives. We had a number of stellar candidates for these important roles and it was really difficult for the board to sort out the right appointments.” said Dean Nelson, Founder and Chairman of Infrastructure Masons. “And, it is so telling that the other candidates have all agreed to stay involved. We have important work to do and all hands are needed. We appreciate their dedication.”

“In addition to Rob and Lovisa’s appointments, the iMasons board also invited Svein Atle Hagaseth to take up leadership of our sustainability initiatives in EMEA and lead the project to advance a sustainability framework for the industry, and invited Tom Moran of Lumen Technologies to act as a liaison to multiple global initiatives that he is already connected to”, continued Mr. Omelchuck.

“The iMasons board wants to extend our grateful thanks to Patrik Öhlund, past CEO of Nodepole, for founding the iMasons Sustainability Committee and being its chair for its first 2+ years. We wish Patrik all the best in his new role as Director of Energy Markets, EMEA, for Microsoft”, continued Mr. Nelson. “Rob and Lovisa continue Patrik’s passion for sustainability, and he leaves the committee in good hands.”

Visit the website at www.imasons.org 

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