Electric One- India’s largest EV Super Stores ties-up with TelioEV

TelioEV seeks to address these issues by providing SAAS solutions for EV charging management.

EV Chargers Locater provider -TelioEV develops a specially curated Mobile Application for EV users with advanced features

Aim to target over 2 lakhs EV users over next 5 years

TelioEV, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, has announced a collaboration with Electric One, India’s largest EV Superstore, to create a specially curated Mobile Application for Electric One with several advanced features.

TelioEV will provide features such as charger locator, Vehicle registration with Dealer name, Reward point based on Kilometer running, Push Notifications for Offers alerts, Service camp, Service reminders, and In-built Test Drive request on the app for Electric One customers as part of the partnership.

The app is tailored to Electric One’s brand guidelines and requirements. Electric One has 93 outlets in 18 Indian states.

TelioEV is a start-up driven by TelioLabs, a green tech innovation firm focused on using Technology for Sustainability.

TelioEV seeks to address these issues by providing SAAS solutions for EV charging management.

TelioEV’s SAAS solution allows EV charger manufacturers and charging point operators to maximise the ROI on their charging infrastructure, attract more EV users, and manage their EV charger network.

TelioEV also has plans to improve these features in the future as the EV market grows, making EVs more accessible to everybody.

The firms intend to provide the best Electric Vehicles for users while also advancing technology that facilitates the use of EVs.

“The relationship between Electric One and TelioEV will enable us to please our esteemed customers with cutting-edge technology solutions that will have custom created features built around the complete EV ecosystem.” TelioEV has joined Electric One, “where technology meets India’s largest EV Super Stores,”

says Amit Singh, TelioEV’s Founder and CEO.

‘It is correct to say that TelioEV has joined Electric One – Where technology meets India’s largest EV Superstores. Electric vehicles are an important strategy for environmental protection, and in order to make them mainstream, substantial technological assistance is required, which TelioEV seeks to deliver from the software end.’

According to Lalit Singh, TelioEV’s Chief Growth Officer.

‘We believe that EV adoption is directly tied to how convenient EVs are for long-term use, and this collaboration with TelioEV will help to make that a reality.’

According to Mr.Dheeraj Tripathi, Electric One’s Chief Operating Officer and co-founder.
TelioEV and Electric One strive to create solutions that enable consumers embrace EVs with reason and ease, and to continue expanding into new markets to increase the country’s EV adoption rate.
Electric One and TelioEV will also conduct several initiatives in schools and universities to raise EV awareness and education.
TelioEVs was just named “Best EV Software Developer of the Year” at the EV India 2022 Expo in Greater Noida.
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