DealShare touches 20 million customers on 4th year Anniversary

DealShare, the fastest growing social e-commerce player, recently celebrated its 4th anniversary through various community led initiatives.

In their illustrious journey, the company has completely revolutionized the purchase pattern and mindset of mass market customers, augmented the growth of local indigenous brands, enabled entrepreneurship and brought a paradigm shift in the e-tail ecosystem in India.

The company achieved a new milestone of 20 million customer base who are predominantly first time internet users from tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India.

  • Plans to double the customer base in next 2 years
  • Undertakes multiple community-led initiatives to celebrate the milestone

“Four years ago, we started this company with a simple vision – to bring ecommerce to every Indian household via a social, gamified and fun-filled experience. With this solution, we wanted all of India to shop for essentials online at optimal price points and thus increase their affordability. I am pleased to see in a short span of 4 years, we have reached over 2 crore households, across 150+ towns in 10 states, fulfilling 4 lakh orders every day with a network of over 1000 community leaders under our program DealShare Dost”

Mr. Vineet Rao, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, DealShare, said,

“In a short span of four years, we have created a positive impact on the Indian economy to bring about a change towards building exclusive Make in India brands, supporting the Government’s vision. Our unique business model has optimized our supply chain efficiency and technology, thereby bringing manufacturers closer to end consumers”

Mr. Sourjyendu Medda, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, DealShare, said,

Working aggressively towards community empowerment through micro entrepreneurship, unique Dost model (an ecosystem where community leaders with widespread social network and in-depth understanding of the locality lead offline distribution for the brand) has already created 20,000+ jobs in tier 2 and tier 3 markets.

In the next four years, DealShare aims to expand the DealShare Dost network by 10% monthly, contributing to over 40% of the overall revenue/sales.

Celebrated their 4th anniversary with community focused initiatives in Bangalore and Jaipur. In Bangalore, they partnered with Suruchi Empowering Women (a NGO working closely with women in slum areas), allowing them to sell their products at DealShare’s offices.

Similarly, in Jaipur they partnered with Pure India Trust (a NGO working in the areas of youth and women empowerment).

Additionally, the employees also visited Vidyaranya, a non-profit organization for children, women and elderly to engage with the members for multiple activities, including candle making.

In Jaipur, the team also sponsored and organized the annual sports day for the children at the New Bright Future Academy school along with Glocalbodh NGO.

“Community has always been at the core of our principles and we are happy that we are celebrating our milestone by engaging and spending time with purposeful NGOs”,

added Mr. Rao

About DealShare:

DealShare is a disruptive e-commerce model built towards re-inventing e-retail for the next billion internet users. Currently, DealShare is present in 100+ cities across 10 states.
The company has acquired over 20 million consumers and adds millions of new consumers every month. DealShare caters to about 4 lakh orders daily.
Since its inception, the company has focused on procuring products from local manufacturers and providing them with a platform to digitize their business and scale their local brands.
DealShare has partnered with over 1,000 local and regional brands and sources its products directly from the manufacturers.
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