Cracked and old furniture? Guide to giving your furniture a more extended life

Authored Article by Mr. Manish Arora, VP – Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia

Furniture- A non-living family member 

With the changing trend, a new thing loses its shine very quickly, and one such element is the furniture. Furniture is an essential part that reflects the personality of the dweller. While buying furniture, every owner thinks of its durability and style quotient; whether that piece will portray a modernistic design or vintage look and whether the next generation will enjoy the furniture is a serious concern. 

Elements that give life to your furniture

Let’s understand these practices to simplify your task and give your furniture a longer life with an added trendy style. 

Transforming tired items into treasured pieces is possible with the help of recycled furniture elements known as uPVC edge bands. Edgebands are colorful thin strips that complete the look of the furniture, protect the furniture from damage and ascertain longevity. It helps cover the rough edges, giving a glossy finish to the wooden panel. While serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, the edge reduces the effects of atmospheric humidity and liquid spills. These edge bands consist of DOP features and are anti-microbial and antibacterial. Thus, it strengthens furniture life by adding durability and a styling standard.

Another element that can be added to protect your furniture is premium laminates that help safeguard the furnishings from various factors. Laminates are an easy solution to uplift aesthetics by giving a natural look to the furniture. Another advantage of laminates is easy maintenance. Being scratch and moisture-resistant helps cope with the daily pressure of maintaining the furniture. While having water resistant surface, laminates are considered a safe option to protect the furniture and increase the life span of the furniture. Additionally, laminates come with a wide variety to choose from and require no polishing while being economical. 

Tips for maintaining furniture: 

  1. Keep away from dust: Dust and dirt act like sandpaper on furniture; therefore, removing dust particles daily will also protect the furniture and the fabric. While maintaining the cleanliness of furniture, the foremost step is to wipe the furniture daily with a dry cloth and not with water. It helps in securing the texture of the furniture and helps in reducing the worth of wood. 
  2. Use sustainable furniture: As the furniture industry is advancing, various brands are manufacturing and providing sustainable and eco-friendly materials that increase the life of the furniture considering minimal usage of toxic items. Additionally, these brands offer an extensive catalog to consumers while synergizing with the environment. 
  3. Do not keep the furniture near sunlight: Sunlight can damage the furniture. UV rays from the sun are one of the factors that damage furniture. The rays can fade the color and texture or darken the surface of the wood. One can protect the table by adding a window film in a room and hanging curtains or blinds to avoid the entrance of sunlight. 
Between style and innovation, laminates, decorative boards, and edge bands perform various tasks while being an all-in-one solution for adding protection and glam to your furniture; they are also robust, flame-retardant, and stain-resistant. Designing while adding durability in furniture has become easy and convenient through various inventions; if you are bored with your furniture and looking for ways to develop and strengthen it, adopt the above-mentioned timely solution that will make your life easy.
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