The international society for CNS drug development (ISCDD) celebrates its 20th annual meeting anniversary

The International Society for CNS Drug Development (ISCDD), a non-profit, independent society focused on improving central nervous system drug development celebrated its 20th Anniversary. In honor of this milestone gathering, ISCDD honored top industry leaders who have dedicated themselves and their enterprises to scientific and drug-development collaboration that accelerated and advanced treatments. The new Chair of the ISCDD Executive Committee has also been announced.

20th Anniversary award recipients are:

Dr. Amir Kalali, Founding ISCDD Chairman, stated: “The ISCDD was truly a pioneer non-profit society, being the first to bring together leaders focused on CNS drug development to collaborate. We are proud of the impact of these collaborations on accelerating the availability of new treatments for patients.

I am optimistic that the next twenty years will see even more dramatic breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain and developing better treatments.”

Dr. Raymond Sanchez, the current Chairman, noted, “It has been a great honor and privilege to serve as Chairman of ISCDD and engage with leaders in the CNS Life Sciences on continuing to find novel therapies and healthcare solutions for patients who suffer from many debilitating illnesses.

On the occasion of our 20th anniversary, we reflect on the significant progress we have made and look ahead to many more years of collegial dialogue innovation to address the challenges that still confront us in pursuit of developing the best treatments for the millions of patients who are awaiting them.”

Incoming Chairman Dr. Bill Martin commented, “I am honored and humbled to be appointed Chair of the ISCDD Executive Committee, especially during this monumental year for the organization. The ISCDD’s two-decade-long impact on addressing scientific challenges to improve CNS drug development has been inspiring and instrumental to progress in this space.

As we embark on a golden age of neuroscience, I am eager to contribute to identifying meaningful collaborations that may spur innovation and address unmet needs of patient communities across the world.”

The 20th Anniversary awardees received awards based on their consistent leadership in CNS drug development and their track record of innovation. The remarks on the award ceremony included the following:

Dr. Antony Loebel, President and CEO of Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, stated: “ISCDD has played a remarkable role during the last 20 years in facilitating scientific exchange and interaction and helping to advance the field of CNS therapeutics. It is critically important to support innovation where significant patient illness burden continues to exist; I am honored to be recognized with this leadership award as we continue to take on the scientific challenges that can lead to improved health and transformed lives for patients with serious neuropsychiatric conditions.”

Dr. George Garibaldi, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Noema Pharma, stated, “Since its inception, ISCDD has paved the road of innovation in neurosciences research and development. Society members from biotech, large pharma and investors constitute the necessary ingredients to help understand the past and shape the future of therapy development for brain disorders,” said George Garibaldi, past chairman of the society.

“Throughout the last two decades at ISCDD, we witnessed the inception of many waves of innovation that were followed by significant initiatives and benefited patients.”

Dr. Atul Mahableshwarkar, CMO, Emalex Biosciences, stated, “The ISCDD is made up of a dedicated and collaborative group that relentlessly focuses on bringing new treatments for patients with CNS disorders. It’s a pleasure to work with everyone in ISCDD and an honor to receive the award.”

The 2022 Leadership Award was awarded to Dr. Michael Gold, Vice President, Neuroscience, Abbvie, who commented: “I am honored to accept this award from the ISCDD. Addressing the human misery wrought by both neurological and psychiatric disorders requires that we continue to develop innovative and impactful therapies. My colleagues and I at AbbVie are committed to the principle of ‘Preserving Personhood,’ and we are grateful for ISCDD’s recognition of our efforts.”
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