Campus launches the ‘Leave Your Mark’ campaign

Campus shoes are designed keeping the consumer’s needs front and centre.

Campus. The range is a quirky mix of global designs that will keep customers grooving on the streets of India at an affordable price point.

Campus Activewear Limited (Campus), India’s largest sports and athleisure footwear brand, has released the digital film for its current campaign, ‘Leave Your Mark,’ in preparation for the debut of its much-anticipated Global Giri 3.0 collection of sneakers in India.

The new sneakers are being released exclusively in partnership with Flipkart as part of their Big Billion Days offer.

Campus, as one of the first brands to bring super sneakers to India at attractive pricing points, intends to kick start a bigger movement to democratise As part of the third version of their ‘Global Giri’ campaign, Nike introduced global sneaker culture to India.

“We are pleased to announce the debut of the #GlobalGiri shoe series, an aspirational beat of Gen-Z customers in India”. With the #LeaveYourMark campaign, we aim to bring out the story of Indian customers experiencing Global Fashion with an accessibility, affordability, and a comfortable fashion Our objective is to deliver a genuinely global experience in which Indian clients can enjoy amazing shoes in brilliant colour palettes that are built on cutting-edge technology at an extremely inexpensive price range. This is an attempt to convey to our audience that an Indian brand does not lag behind global trends, but rather operates in tandem with them.”

Prerna Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer of Campus Activewear, stated,

Global Giri 3.0 collection delivers edgy and vivid shoes with appealing colour palettes inspired by global designers at the ease of cost and accessibility on Indian streets, while ‘Giri’ is the attitude of superiority and class that captures the overall feel of the range.

22feet Tribal Worldwide has conceptualised the campaign. Sneaker culture and rap music have long been linked, since musicians have always introduced and flashed their sneakers, from Run DMC to Kanye West.

In keeping with the famous adage, “When words fail, music speaks,” Campus Shoes collaborated with Tsumyoki, one of India’s coolest up-and-coming artists, to create not just an ad that showcases the new range of sneakers, but an admiring piece of music and culture that matches the vibe of the new Campus content.

“When it came to the next phase of Campus’ Globalgiri, we said, we would not only develop an ad, We created a piece of culture that will live on. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with Tsumyoki and to contribute to the inextricable link between shoes and music. Shout out to Shiv Parameshwaran, who turned a funny notion into a work of visual art that not only exhibits shoes, but is also amusing. “We hope that this adds another layer to Campus’ expanding reputation for not only quality, but also global design.”

Vishnu Srivatsav, National Creative Director, 22feet Tribal Worldwide.

Campus shoes are designed keeping the consumer’s needs front and centre.

The range is a fusion of comfort, durability, and style available in an array of Vibrant, Pristine, Bright and Chic shades with easy-to-wear lace-up designs, perfect for the ultimate walking experience.

The #GlobalGiri brand attempts to capture the interest of Gen-Z buyers seeking global fashion.

About Campus Activewear Ltd.

In terms of value and volume, Campus is India’s largest sports and athleisure footwear brand in Fiscal 2021. With Campus Activewear, Mr. Hari Krishan Agarwal began a never-ending revolution in the footwear market in 2005 with his acumen, skill, and inventive thinking.
Today, the flagship brand “Campus” is India’s largest domestic sports and athleisure footwear brand, with a comprehensive product selection for the entire family.
With changing market circumstances, Campus maintained its focus on product design and innovation by providing access to the most recent global trends and styles through a fashion-forward approach.
Campus secured its pan-India footprint by catching the imagination of millions of people across Omni-channel platforms, with over 19000+ multi-brand retail stores, over 150+ company’s exclusive outlets, a website (, and among the top brands available on e-commerce sites.
Campus is an aspirational brand for young adults, everyday performers, and fashionistas because it offers a variety of styles, colour palettes, pricing points, and an appealing product value proposition.
Campus, which covers 85 percent of the total addressable market in India, was recently listed in May 2022, solidifying the brand’s leadership position in the country.
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