Call For Student Nominations Open For The 2022 Good-Natured DifferenceMaker Program

Good-Natured Life has opened their call for nominations for the 2022 Good-Natured DifferenceMaker Program for students across the country. The program costs $500 per student and will take place June 6-10, June 13-17, and July 11-15, from 9 a.m. to noon ET on Zoom. High school and college-aged students up to 21 are eligible for nomination and parents, educators, and counselors are encouraged to recommend individuals by Monday, May 2 of 2022.

A Good-Natured DifferenceMaker is an individual who is intentional about achieving their dreams, while also caring about their personal conduct and the people around them. To become a Good-Natured DifferenceMaker, you must first be nominated.

Following the formal nomination, students will receive an application to complete, and an interview with a program host will be arranged. If selected for the prestigious five-day summer program, individuals will be given instructions on how to secure a seat in the Summer 2022 cohort.

After fulfilling all summer program requirements, participants will then become an official Good-Natured DifferenceMaker and join an extensive network of accomplished students from across the nation.

“For the third year in a row, we’re thrilled to host this transformational program and uplift the minds of students across the country,” said Austin J. Franklin, CEO & Co-Founder of Good-Natured Life. “This is a great opportunity to share valuable information and empower today’s youth with distinguishable skills.

Upon completion of the program, students will gain an important designation they can highlight on their resume and other professional applications. The program also serves as an excellent networking opportunity and offers individuals a chance to establish new friendships in a remote environment.”

This year’s Good-Natured DifferenceMaker Program sessions will include the following sessions:

Leadership Topics Let Vision Lead the Way Get Ready to Adapt Emotionally in Tune Grow & ThriveRhetoric Topics Crafting Your Personal Story Fundamentals of Speaking A Conversation About Your Inner Dialogues Delivering an Extraordinary Keynote SpeechEtiquette Topics The Power of One Impression Techno-Etiquette Personal Branding Dress to Express

About Good-Natured Life
Good-Natured life is an educational company that delivers exceptional keynotes, workshops, and consulting in leadership, rhetoric, and etiquette for youths and adults. Their mission is to spread KFP™ (kindness, friendliness, and patience) and to uplift minds across the world.

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