BridgeLabz enables more than 40% of women to get jobs in the IT sector in the last six years

The company has also launched the #SheCodesZyadaToo campaign to celebrate the women in tech

BridgeLabz, the leading AWS incubator focused on solving tech employability, has helped place over 40% of women in the past six years in the IT Sector .These figures break the stereotypes such as women cannot do tech jobs and they are not interested in tech jobs.

BridgeLabz tech employability test quotient (BTEQ) survey has also indicated that of more than 100,000 engineers who took the test, the average score of women was 42% as against 39% men. This implies that women are better prepared and ready to be employed as compared to men. The test determines the readiness of the engineering talent for software development jobs.

To encourage more women to go for tech jobs, BridgeLabz has also launched a campaign #SheCodesZyada in line with the International Women’s Day’s theme #BreakTheBias. The incubator is sharing the success stories of women who have undertaken tech jobs through the platform.

One such story is that of Komal from Dharavi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, who had done a BSc in Computer Science. After giving birth, she had a gap year in her career. She got the job with a tech company but was laid off due to the pandemic. She joined BirdgeLabz’s fellowship program and got placed at Intellect Design Arena Limited as a Project Engineer on Java, Spring Boot, and Angular technology.
Talking about the importance of women joining the platform, BridgeLabz founder Mr. Narayan Mahadevan said, “Women are often not treated as the intrinsic part of the economy. The tech industry has been male-dominated for a long time and COVID-19 further hit women in the sector harder. However, through our fellowship programs, we are enabling women to gain advanced skills required in the development sector. It is empowering them to land jobs in the tech industry.”
BridgeLabz enables tech talent across the country to practice their skills and learn nuances of the latest technologies through experiential learning programs. These programs are an integration of theory and application and offer tech talent opportunities to become lead engineers who can guide the young engineers and eventually become contributors.
About BridgeLabz:
BridgeLabz was set up to bridge the impending skill gap amongst the Indian engineers by making them job-ready through experiential learning and focused mentorship. Through its Maker Program, which is training in industry-specific skills as per the needs of various partner companies, BridgeLabz identifies engineers and grooms them for specific software development jobs. It is the only organization working in this space to offer 100% guaranteed job to talent and day #1 productive talent to employers. The Fellowship Program grooms the talent on job readiness, and engineers are given the security of a guaranteed job. Since its inception in 2015, BridgeLabz has succeeded in supporting the talent requirements of companies such as Yatra, Fullerton, Urban Ladder and Capgemini. BridgeLabz has Yunus Social Fund (YSF) as an investor. YSF is pioneered by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus.
This year BridgeLabz has been recognised as the Most Trusted Brand 2021 by TeamMarkesmen.
Prominent cricketer R Ashwin has come on board to endorse the company’s approach. BridgeLabz won BW Techtor Award 2020 and secured 2nd position at Global Edtech Startup Awards 2019, India. Also, it was selected by the Maharashtra state government as Top 100 Startups 2019 out of 1500 plus entries.

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