BFSI & E-commerce sectors driving high demand for gig work in the festive season: Awign

As companies begin preparing for the upcoming festive season, on-demand work fulfillment platform Awign has seen 29% growth in gig work across verticals in the July-September FY23.

The company has fulfilled over 13.6 million+ tasks in this period during the year, compared to 10.5 million+ tasks at the same time in FY22.

Based on the data from Awign, companies in the financial services and e-commerce sectors have been leading this demand for gig work across categories such as tele calling, business development, last-mile delivery and feet-on-street services.

Compared to FY22, Awign has already observed a 73% growth in FY23 resulting from the tasks fulfilled for these two sectors alone.

Apart from BFSI and E-commerce, the consumer durables, FMCG and Retail industries at large are also contributing to this rising demand for gig work.

As giggfication of work adds agility & scale to the business operations, enterprises are rapidly embracing the gig models. With technology driven platforms, execution of work through gig models has become seamless & accessible.

“Festive season is one of those annual events when companies aim to maximize sales by boosting brand visibility & customer reach. Usually, preparation for the festive period begins in the month of July and the entire lifecycle is concluded by the month of November. With variable & seasonal demand like this, gig models deliver value straight away.

As companies seek to bolster this demand and cater to their customers, they need additional human touch for a few months across functions which can be easily giggified without any process or compliance hassles. This is where the gig model seamlessly plugs itself solving key challenges for companies while creating primary livelihood opportunities for gig workers.”

Venkateswaran Krishnamurthy, Senior Vice President – Enterprise Demand, Awign said,

While the company has already been working with multiple large enterprises and startups for the festive season, Awign expects a further 30% growth in demand for gig work for the festive period as the most crucial time of the season, October and November, approaches. And then the market gets ready for the Christmas & New Year season.

Awign also offers on-demand work execution services including audit automation, due diligence, content & moderation, invigilation and remote proctoring.

The company’s white-collar gig work division, Awign Expert has also observed almost 480% growth in demand for high-skill talent in Web Development, Cloud Operations and Digital Transformation roles driven by the festive season.

About Awign Enterprises Pvt Ltd:

Annanya Sarthak, Gurpreet Singh, and Praveen Kumar Sah created Awign, India’s largest tech-led on-demand labour fulfilment platform, in 2016.

With over 1 million gig partners, 100+ large marquee enterprises as customers, and 9 core enterprise functions, the company’s vision is to primarily ‘gigify’ core enterprise work and diversify large enterprises’ PnLs across sectors such as Assessment Industry, Media and Entertainment, AI/ML Data Operations, Automotive, Electrical, Construction, FMCD, and many more.
The organisation is dedicated to assisting enterprises in scaling their businesses by addressing end-to-end outcome-based execution, as well as discovery, deployment, and payroll administration.
The mission of Awign is to make the gig more accessible and to provide full-time employment options in order to establish the Work of the Future!
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