Bank of Baroda has announced the winners of the #SaluteHerShakti Contest 2022.

Bank of Baroda has announced the winners of the #SaluteHerShakti Contest 2022.
Bank of Baroda has announced the winners of the #SaluteHerShakti Contest 2022.

Neelam Rani and Kiran Devi Bothra were able to communicate digitally with PV Sindhu and Shafali Verma.

Bank of Baroda revealed the champions of the second edition of the #SaluteHerShakti contest, one of India’s most prominent public sector banks in Hyderabad. The initiative, established on International Women’s Day in March, aims to identify and celebrate the inspirational women in our midst. Ms. Neelam Rani, from Patiala, and Ms. Kiran Devi Bothra, from Delhi, were chosen as the winners for their bravery in the face of hardship and heartfelt devotion to assisting people in need.

Rannvijay Singha, a well-known Indian actor, television personality, and VJ, was the day’s host. Ms. Batool Begum, the recipient of the Nari Shakti Puraskar for promoting Indian folk music internationally, was also present. The two winners had the opportunity to communicate online with Bank of Baroda brand ambassadors PV Sindhu and Shafali Verma.

Ms. Neelam Rani’s tale is of a wife, mother, and lady who showed tremendous grit and resilience when hardship struck her family. When her husband’s business ran into financial difficulties, Neelam decided to open a modest cosmetics boutique to support her family. Despite early struggles with no clients, she persevered, and her business is now profitable and well-known in Patiala.

Ms. Kiran Devi Bothra’s winning narrative is the second. Kiran not only raised her kid alone when her husband died suddenly, but she also gave free handmade meals to the poor and hungry in her neighborhood throughout the epidemic.
According to Shri Vikramaditya Singh Khichi, Executive Director of Bank of Baroda, “The reaction to Bank of Baroda’s #SaluteHerShakti campaign has been overwhelming. It was exciting to hear the incredible stories of seemingly everyday women, and they deserve to be recognized for their courage and desire to make a difference. It was particularly fascinating for Bank of Baroda to have Ms. Rani, Ms. Bothra, and Ms. Begum on the same platform as our brand endorsers, PV Sindhu and Shafali Verma, and listen to their interactions.
In the future, we plan to launch several similar projects to celebrate and support women from all areas of life.”
During the conversation, PV Sindhu discussed the hurdles she had when she was younger and the significance of parents in ensuring that girls may realize their aspirations, whether in athletics or other fields. Shafali Verma contributed to this by emphasizing the support she had from her family, which provided her with a platform to flourish.
The Bank of Baroda:
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