An Outline of EasyRecruit Plus, fully funded by the promoters, The Lexicon Group

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Anand Bhushan, CEO of Easy Recruit Plus

EasyRecruit+ is an initiative to support company recruiters in shortlisting suitable applicants with the right aptitude, technical knowledge, and good cognitive skills with a verified background. This will enable recruiters to boost overall productivity and efficiency while saving them significant time and allowing them to hire individuals with high potential in their respective organizations. Over a while, it will also show up in company productivity as the quality of hirees increases.

Could you describe more about the range of products/ services you offer? What is unique about your business?

We are offering a comprehensive range of tools and packages. Our packages include three modern and advanced tools –

  1. ATT – Aptitude & Technical TestingATT helps recruiters test and assess applicants based on their normal mathematical abilities, reasoning capabilities, general English, data interpretation, and domain skills and abilities. These tests can also be customized by the Organization basis their objectives. 
  2. IntAna – AI-based InterviewIntAna helps recruiters with advanced interview dynamics like – verbal, non-verbal & sentiment analysis of the candidates. The verbal analysis helps understand communication skills, speaking, articulation rate, and approach. The non-verbal study covers attention, confidence, engagement, expressions, and positive and negative emotions. The sentiment analysis captures around 10+ general emotions, 80+ mini-emotions, and 150+ micro-emotions so recruiters can conduct a thorough screening process and save valuable time. Basis this test, a comparative score is generated.
  3. iBG -Background Check: iBG helps recruiters with the shortlisted candidates’ resume verifications and includes their Address verification, Professional Reference, Educational Qualification checks, Employment Performance Verification, Criminal database verification, and a few other verifications as per the need of the Organization.

Evolution in the past few years in the industry and Outlook till 2030: The industry has been evolving continuously; however, the pace has increased in the last four years. Recruiters are finding that with new and disruptive technical and business advancements, job skills needed in the current roles are showing increasingly shorter life. As a result, the candidates getting hired are neither 100% ready for the current job nor keen skill-wise for future requirements. Secondly, the Recruiters are leaving their traditional talent pools and exploring other avenues. Colleges and 

Institutions are being looked upon for skilled resources, and recruitment tools are being created to tap this pool. WFH, in the last three years, has made the candidates undertake virtual lessons and upskill themselves. Another meaningful change is that the outstanding candidates have become very choosey about the Companies they join. Thus the HR has to develop increasingly better Value Propositions for the employees. The outlook post-pandemic is pretty good. The economy has started bouncing back, and despite fears of a global slowdown, India will come out unscathed. The job market will boom with start-ups coming in and mature industries taking in more workforce. The signs are that India could be a central manufacturing and service hub, adding to the positive outcomes.

Business-to-Customer Success Factors: The success factors for any Business more or less remain the same. In the case of the industry, we are in, the most prominent factors are 

  1. Accessibility and Convenience
  2. Choice and Quality
  3. Pricing 
  4. Empathy and Response Time

How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?

EasyRecruit Plus is a company fully funded by the promoters, The Lexicon Group. Lexicon has been at the forefront of Education for the last 20 years with Lexicon Secondary schools, Kids, Lexicon MILE, Hotel Management, Global Management program, Media College, and other sectors with Pune Mirror, Multifit, EduCrack, Rest The Case, Citta, etc. All the ventures are self-funded. As far as EasyRecruit Plus is concerned, we will first make it a significant presence in the Recruitment Solutions market and then take a call.

Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?
Enhancing or adding value to Society has always appealed to me, and I have made it a fundamental tenet to implement and follow in EasyRecruit Plus.
Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.
‘In today’s fast-paced world, it is not enough to LEARN. Equally important or perhaps more important is the ability to unlearn and relearn. Never be afraid to say, ‘I do not know this. ‘Once you say this aloud, it opens you up for learning.’
Mr. Anand Bhushan, CEO of Easy Recruit Plus
Why did you choose this industry over any other space?
During my stints in senior leadership in various industries, I have seen my HR managers struggling with the initial screening for hiring and, at times, have seen good candidates not being shortlisted because of non-standardized screening. Recruiters face several difficulties and must spend significant time vetting prospects, having them technically examined, or getting background checks on candidates. Shortlisting applicants with the proper attitude, cognition, engagement, and communication skills for a specific job description with a verified background is easier and more efficient with EasyRecruit+.
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