A Century of Success! The ABP Group has launched the Centennial Celebration Campaign.

A Century of Success! The ABP Group has launched the Centennial Celebration Campaign.
A Century of Success! The ABP Group has launched the Centennial Celebration Campaign.

To honor a 100-year journey, a logo and video were released.

Mumbai, The ABP Group, launched a campaign depicting its extraordinary journey across the Indian media arena to commemorate 100 years of creating and sustaining its reputation. It also presented its centennial logo and a film as part of the promotion. Both the logo and the film reiterate ABP’s essential ideals, which have survived the test of time for over a century.

The centennial video, which is an integral part of the commemorative campaign, is presented as a cinematic tale, viewed through the eyes of a youngster who embarks on a daring journey in pursuit of an unheard-of location. The video covers a journey across India that encompasses geography, cultures, origins, and customs. The film recaps the ABP brand’s complete trip and concludes with a reminder that curiosity is both a journey and a destination in and of itself.

The centennial campaign logo, which was presented today, reflects the principle that ‘Curiosity makes everything fascinating.’ The most striking graphic aspect of ABP Group’s innovative logo, deeply associated with the brand concept, is its question mark symbol, engraved as a human face in reverse – an appearance that changes with portrayals. The use of reverse or negative space inside ABP’s centennial emblem emphasizes the spirit of human development, which not only breathes to live but also questions.

Dhruba Mukherjee, CEO – of ABP Pvt Ltd, elaborated on the campaign and the new commemorative design: “The question mark in ABP Group’s centennial logo represents the idea that curiosity makes everything in life fascinating. While numerous factors explain ABP’s effect, a genuine feeling of inquiry permeates everything else. As a result, rather than being the sixth sense, this is most likely the first — an inquisitive gene that fuels the fundamental human need to know more. This classic emblem, we feel, will best reflect our brand identity across mediums, decades, and locations. With that faith, we picked our centennial year as a perfect opportunity to express and document it once and for all.”
Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP Network, expressed his thoughts on the occasion, saying: “The ABP Group was founded on a century of curiosity. ABP has stood for relevant and unbiased material since its start. Throughout the century, we have sought to assist change thought by providing insightful and reliable information. As we join the second century of our presence, we are keen to carry on our history and dedicated to working relentlessly to develop an informed and open society. The ABP Group seeks to communicate these essential objectives to our readers, viewers, stakeholders, and every Indian of today and future through the Centennial Celebration Campaign.”
Through its creative tactics, the ABP Group has supported the social transformation and established standards of excellence in journalism. In keeping with the idea that “the legacy you leave is the life you lead,” the ABP Group has consistently nurtured research and encouraged fresh talent.
The centennial campaign’s concept is grounded in three simple words: ‘Curiosity Questions Answers,’ a provocative study that emphasizes what has always been a component of the brand’s attitude. ABP never hesitates to ask a question in the face of a total standstill.
The centennial commemoration campaign intends to challenge and inspire ABP Group’s readers, viewers, and business partners with a wide range of thought-provokingly written and graphically produced pieces on why questions are essential in a democratic society. And how every innovation, significant or tiny, begins with a question.
Agnello Dias, renowned Creative Director & Writer and the man behind the logo design and campaign, explained the concept behind this new launch, saying – “To visualize the journey of the brand ABP Group, we created a film that is a cinematic parable told through the eyes of a small child whose drive prompts the search for a specific geographical destination. We wanted it to have that weird, raw sensation that is both innocent and otherworldly. The brand logo campaign offers the most concise picture of what the brand stands for as the human face of all inquiries.”
About ABP Group
Anandabazar Patrika was founded in 1922 as a four-page evening daily that sold for two paise and circulated 1,000 copies each day. Anandabazar Patrika now has over 10 million readers every day, despite being published for almost a century. Today, the ABP Group has eight famous magazines, six TV news channels, digital news, current affairs platforms in eight languages, mobile internet and social media platforms, one radio station, a prominent book publishing firm, an education business, and film production and OTT platform. Beginning as a regional media company, ABP Group has grown to have a solid national presence across the nation, impacting the lives of millions of readers and viewers every day.
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