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Prittle Prattle Finserv your No.1 financial solution buddy!

by Prittle Prattle Bureau

Prittle Prattle Finserv is like a financial solution buddy. The company has realized the importance of finance in this pandemic time. We make sure to develop solutions for the entrepreneurs who are in distress with any amount of funds. We have associations with PSU, Private Banks, NBFC, Private Investors, and HNI.

Its headquartered in Mumbai. It is a full-service investor relation, financial relations, and capital markets report firm with a strong network of experts in the investment community, including private equity, venture capital, buy and sell-side, wealth management, listing exchanges, and investment banking.

We help raise funds for start-ups, listed and non-listed companies, MSME, Small Medium Enterprises, Small Big Enterprises, and offer financial advisory services to small, micro, and mid-cap companies. Prittle Prattle Finserv’s expertise covers a broad range of industries and geographies. We help companies in need and bring together deep expertise in the capital market gained from years of experience in investor relations like Tata, strategic messaging, and investment advice. We raise funds through different modules like Private equity, Seat Funds, Financial Institutions, Private Financial Institutions, Private funds, Family funds, High Net-worth Individuals, and Ultra HNI. We act as an economic catalyst. We check the eligibility of the clients, forecast financial background, and through financial due diligence, we provide the solution.

Prittle Prattle Finserv is specialized in micro, mid-cap, and large-cap companies across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, automotive, railways, power generation, packing materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, infrastructure, mining, distribution automation, and food and beverage. Prittle Prattle offers a link between clients and the investment community to build a comprehensive service beyond traditional investor ideas, including strategic financial advisory, investor identification, meetings, shareholder activism and development of best-in-class IR programs, quarterly earnings results, transaction communications, and competitive business intelligence. Prittle Prattle helps in raising visibility and building credibility.

Prittle Prattle Finserv is unique because it helps raise funds for small businesses and large businesses. It helps create brands: it check out the product’s demand, the product’s availability, and the company’s competitors. The three C modules: Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment, set Prittle Prattle apart from others. It is accountable to its duty, thoroughly goes through the client’s needs, and does the required assessment. It comes up with innovative solutions for the client’s brand, advertisements, and financial aid. Prittle Prattle keeps a check on integrity. Our extreme level of collaboration gives an immediate answer. Prittle Prattle Finserv focus on customer needs, and our prompt attendance secures a smile on the customer’s face. We check our performance and enhance daily as per the clients’ needs. Our passion is to serve distressed clients and help them as and when required. We could overcome the clients’ barriers and provide them with the necessary financial aid. We deliver immediate and easy solutions to our clients through investments and loans. Prittle Prattle’s vision is to concentrate on executing clients’ business, focusing on funding needs.
Prittle Prattle Finserv has expertise not only in the way in which the deal process works but also in the way a transaction is likely to be received by the media, investor community, and the capital market. Experts guide our clients on end-to-end IPO and fundraising procedures. We work with various financial advisors- from the pre IPO stage to building awareness for market offers and executing seamless messaging and communication strategies. Prittle Prattle Finserv offers communication strategies to position brands looking for equity and debt raisings. Prittle Prattle’s attractive credit investment module to stakeholders, credit analysts helps our clients to increase market understanding and support, resulting in improved access to capital and a lower cost of funding.

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