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SOUTH PAW BOXING- First ten winners be announced and given prize

Send a 200 Burpee video, tagging your name, Phone number, and date. Attach it in your Google Drive and send us the link.

By Bhanji Mahida

SOUTHPAW BOXING– First ten winners will be announced and given a prize

Date – 8th August to 14th August 2020 (For Competitors)

Time – 9:00 am onward


Southpaw a person who uses their hand to do most things, especially a pitcher in the sport of baseball. Baseball’s pitchers are classified primarily by their throwing hand (left or right, with left-handed pitchers often called southpaws) and their usual role in games. Southpaw boxer is a boxer who leads with the right hand and stands with the right foot forward, using the left hand for the most powerful blows.

For non-competitive plates, on time allocation You will allot a slot of 55minutes, including five breaks of 55 seconds

For non-competitive players, on sending videos

Send a 200 Burpee video, tagging your name, Phone number, and date. Attach it in your Google Drive and send us the link. While you make the video, paste the date on the wall mentioning it on a piece of paper, as without the date, the video will not accept.

It is how we decide the winner conveyed the team member to the reporter of Prittle Prattle News. Stays are valid for a competitor and a non-competitor, as whoever finishes 6000 Burpees qualifies for the final round. In the final round, the selected participant has to perform Burpee for continuous 55 minutes, and the first ten winners will be the one who does maximum burpees with the least amount of stops/breaks.

first ten winners will be announced and given a prize.

FIRST PRIZE – Rs.50,000

Few things to keep in mind, Tie your long hair
Wear a proper set of clothes, which makes it comfortable for you to perform
If possible, use two mobile phones (placing it in two different angle
If the videos found edited, you will disqualify.
Login as per the time allotted, mention your name in the chat section before you start.

We allow you to make your sessions live; however, do not share or scribble the screen.

Every registered participant Get a T-shirt
Every finisher Get Guinness World Record Attempt Medal and a Certificate
The first ten winners get the Challenger Certificate and the Prize money
The FIrst winner gets Guinness World Record Holder Certificate and Trophy
All coaches and jury get observer certificate
Everything will be online, live on Facebook and also on Youtube

Announcement of winners – 15th August 2020 – The Independence Day of India.


The Guinness World Record team has agreed to enter the competition, provided we reach a participating audience of a minimum of 1400. In any case, we cannot make the minimum number; we will refund you the amount.

Join in and spread the word!


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