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Raisin, India’s Fastest Growing Fashion Label, Launches Its Extensive Jewellery Range

Jewellery is the ultimate statement in fashion, and regardless of the occasion, it is an integral part that completes the essence of any outfit.

By Prittle Prattle

Raisin, India’s Fastest Growing Fashion Label, Launches Its Extensive Jewellery Range

~ A desirable collection of traditional aesthetics with a touch of modernity

Emphasizing on the artistic and minimalistic essence of jewellery, Raisin brings to you a charming collection of earrings, chunky necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, and rings that effortlessly compliment all your outfits and mood. The range includes jewelleries painted golden, silver, white, and even multi-colored that brings out the traditional aesthetics along with a delicate touch of modernity, giving them an appealing look.

Raisin avails a brilliant range of jewelleries starting from at just Rs. 899, under the parent brand of Parvati Fabrics Private Ltd., for all your gorgeous ladies out there. Making it a perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season, ‘Jewellery by Raisin’s’ collection is ideal for all age groups, that are fashion and style enthusiast confirms the team to Prittle Prattle News.

Experimenting and innovation have always been the soul of fashion, and with this excellent and elegant range of jewelleries, Raisin enables you to explore your creativity by pairing them with all your stunning outfits. So nurture your love for jewelleries by adding the collection to your wardrobe and enjoy all the attention, as you go out flaunting them. Every piece of jewellery holds a story, so dig into the vibrant collection and find yourself a perfect match. The entire range of products will be available in the store and on the website. 

Hurry up! Get your hands on the beautiful range of aesthetic jewellery collection

Raisin is an offering from the 30-year-old Parvati Fabrics house, a renowned garment manufacturer and exporter based in Surat. Starting in 1984 by the enterprising Dinesh Pacheriwal, a visionary in his own right, Parvati Fabrics Ltd. emerged as one of the leading manufacturers, traders, and exporters of high-quality fabrics and designer women’s wear.  

Raisin is a contemporary fusion fashion label that aims to offer a comfortable fashion experience for women. The modern Indian women today look for functional, sustainable, and fashionable clothing forward, the brand aims to give them just that while adding a fusion twist of their own. 

Our range of clothing consists of Fusion Kurta Sets, Breezy Dresses, contemporary kurtas & a lot more made with a modern outlook towards craftsmanship, designing, and quality while staying true to our roots.

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