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Pawan & Pranav Making Wedding Wear Shopping an Easy Process

Fashion always reflects our inner self, but this fast-paced life has made our thoughts a bit noisy. In a society where happiness and positivity are linked to productivity, the pandemic's lockdown has helped us clear this noise.

Team Pawan & Pranav in conversation with Prittle Prattle News

Fashion always reflects our inner self, but this fast-paced life has made our thoughts a bit noisy. In a society where happiness and positivity are linked to productivity, the pandemic’s lockdown has helped us clear this noise. It’s time to move out of the box. Times ahead call for creativity, sustainability, restyling, and reinvention and keep in mind the safety measures. 

However, Creativity, Reinvention, and Restyling have always been the business runner for us at Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture since our inception. 

Introducing the Brand

● Pawan Bagga, one of our founding members, launched his fashion label, “HARE” back in 2009, right after graduating from the University of Southern California (USC). 

● The brand made a mark by breaking the ice with its innovative designs, concepts, and thinking by the end of the year. 

● Over the next few years, the brand presented its collection in several fashion weeks in India and internationally and was accepted globally.

● However, after a few years, Pawan Bagga thought of introducing a change. He got his brother, Pranav Bagga, onboard and began rebranding HARE.

● And that’s how we got Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture, specializing in traditional Indian wedding wear and targeting the tasteful.

● Our vision is to look beyond current trends and create an outfit that appeals and strikes awe in those wearing it and those gazing upon its creation. 

How has COVID-19 helped us in reshaping the fashion business model positively?

● Personally, for us at Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture, it has helped us strengthen our focus on what we want for our brand – designs that bring joy and smiles to people’s faces and initiatives that leave a positive impact in the world. 

● It’s important to remember that to impact globally; we must start locally. A change in attitude and outlook during difficult times can help us through storms. And change begins at home. 

● Being considerate of our artisans, tailors, and customer base, we had to redesign our business strategy and plans for a more inclusive world that also becomes valuable for future generations. 

● In this contingency, where we all are together, it’s the best time to rebuild our core operational framework more sustainably. And, we need to work towards inspiring our strategies and goals digitally.

Taking Our Vision Ahead in a Safe Manner!

● Therefore, where isolation has become the new norm, and COVID-19 appears to stay longer than expected, we are ready to move on and live with it by taking our business to a safer platform – yes, you heard that right! Now you can do your traditional Indian wedding shopping on our website and get hold of our latest handcrafted designer wedding collection.

● We have already started attending our brides and grooms who have their wedding planned for the later part of 2020 and 2021 through video consultations from our store. 

● Also, we have reopened our flagship store in Juhu, Mumbai, where we are operating following the WHO safety guidelines.

● We are continually working towards making our process as simple as possible for all the brides and grooms, understanding their requirements and advising them on designs, patterns, colors, and measurements for their traditional bridal lehengas, sherwanis, etc.

The current situation has led us at Pawan & Pranav Haute Couture into introspection, and this has allowed us to undertake effective decisions about our brand with a broad vision. Being a sheep among the herd is certainly not what we are all about.

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