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Kunti, mother of Pandavas!

Durvasa, the sage, had bestowed upon Kunti a remarkable talent. Because of Kunti’s kindness to him, Durvasa gave her a present. She possessed a mantra that enabled her to obtain godly sons. She decided to put this chant to the test, so she called upon Surya, the sun god. Karna was the name given to her first child. Kunti was single and didn’t want people to interrogate her about her child because she wasn’t married. King Pandu afterwards married Kunti. Madri was Pandu’s second wife. Pandu was cursed, and if he made love to one of his wives, he would die. Kunti was able to have three children from the gods because to her chant. Madri was also a follower of the mantra and had twin sons. Pandu has five children as a result of this. Pandu couldn’t stop himself from falling in love with Madri one day, and he died while making love to her. Madri was completely ruined as a result of this, and she perished beside him. Kunti and their five children were left alone.
Kunti first saw Karna after she had abandoned him at a competition honouring all of the lads who had graduated from Drona’s academy. Her boys were among those who received diplomas. When she saw Karna, she immediately recognised him. Later in life, Kunti and Karna reconnected. Unfortunately, that happened during a war. He was fighting against her five boys on the other side. Kunti approached Karna and informed him that she was his biological mother. He was relieved to learn who his biological mother was, but he was still devastated by her abandonment. Kunti asked Karna to switch sides in the war, but Karna was determined to remain loyal to those who raised him. They did not abandon him in the way that Kunti did.

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