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Haunted places in India

For ages, people have been able to travel to the four corners of the globe. While some people get a rush from investigating haunted locations, others choose to avoid them. India, the home of thousands of untold tales, has its fair share of strange places to visit. Check out this list to see if you’re brave enough to go exploring or scared enough to stay away.
Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort
This deserted hamlet in Rajasthan, home to a magnificent fort, is said to be one of India’s most haunted locations. Bhangarh and its remains are closed to tourists from dusk to daybreak when the paranormal activity on the property is said to be at its peak. According to one of the Bhangarh legends, a Tantrik priest fell in love with Ratnavati, the princess known as the “jewel of Rajasthan.” The priest intended to use a spell on her to make her fall in love with him as well. When the princess learned of the scheme, the priest was assassinated. He cursed the town before he died. It is now in ruins and uninhabitable by anyone.
Cantonment of Delhi, Delhi
This is one of Delhi’s most gorgeous sites during the day, but it’s a different story at night. It is reported that on the road heading through Delhi Cantonment, there is a phantom hitchhiker who wanders, dressed entirely in white, waving for motorists to stop. People who agreed to give her a lift are said to vanish without a trace. Those who refuse to stop allege that the woman runs next to their window, matching the automobile’s speed until they reach the Delhi Cantonment border.
Surat, Gujarat’s Dumas Beach
This black-sand beach in Gujarat has initially been a primary Hindu cremation site, and it is because of this history, it has an unsettling feel to it. With the lowering sun, the cheerful morning ambiance diminishes, and locals avoid Dumas Beach as much as possible at night. People have reported hearing frightening sounds emanating from Dumas, which are claimed to be the spirits of tormented souls, ranging from fearful shrieks to whispers. The black sand has been attributed to the ashes of burned bodies, and adjacent dogs are supposed to bark throughout the night, feeling a ghostly presence. The Dumas beach has everything that makes it the last spot you’d want to be at night.

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