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There are no targets in life; they are in the head.

Targets can be goals that one has to achieve professionally, which may be preset by the organization, determining an individual’s path and growth within an organization.

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Alpa Antani

There are no targets in life; they are in the head. That’s one place where you can’t lose.

Targets can be goals that one has to achieve professionally, which may be preset by the organization, determining an individual’s path and growth within an organization. Targets can also be individual goals and dreams that a person may want to pursue. These goals are the accumulation of ideas and thoughts of a person they want to see themselves in the future. 

It could be academic goals, personal goals, as well as professional goals. The ideal situation would be to match personal and professional goals. What is it that people who almost always achieve their targets do differently than people who rarely can reach their goals. Its FOCUS.

The first thing is to have set, targets, and also acknowledging and recognizing them. Sometimes you must leave everything and refresh yourself in silence. Every such refreshment will allow you to make a long jump on the way to your target! Never let a long time recurrent dream go wasted.

And how can one stay focused in these changing times of Pandemic? The world is changing; the needs and demands are changing.

In the current times where education, work, hobbies, fitness, and almost everything has to be managed from home or with physical distancing, it may get unnerving and stressful to achieve targets. Humans are social animals and used to socializing; it is a matter of habit, and habits developed over time. With willingness and some efforts, humans can work towards changing their habits. Changing patterns in no way means not working towards achieving the goals and targets or even modifying them. It just calls for thinking differently by focusing on the purposes and understanding the new way or path that should be considered for achieving those targets. It may be difficult as it calls for change, and change is never easy.

Sometimes, achieving a target may take longer than predicted, which should not disturb an individual to lose focus. The goal has to be on the mind, and if the thoughts are unstable, it may get challenging to achieve the same. However, it should also be understood clearly that with changing times, trends, and situations, the targets may need to be modified, and if not the destination, the process, and the path may need to be changed. If we think of an example, someone who has a habit of working out at a gymnasium and has a set health target can find ways and means of self-motivation. The person can watch motivational health care videos or even plan joint video workout sessions with friends.

On the professional front, the first thing is for the organization leaders – who have first to be mindful and not lose focus. Even if working from a distance, it has to be ensured that physical distance does not bring about range in the mental and emotional connection. As the unlocking has started and people have started commuting to work, the utmost care has to be taken for the well-being of the teams and employees. Working from home may not always be a comfortable way to work due to the surroundings or the disturbance at home. Organizations have first to make their manpower feel comfortable and imbibe in them that this is normal. Employees should not be embarrassed for the troubles in their surroundings, somewhat be assured of the support and assurance to comfort them. Post, it becomes essential to find ways in which the targets can be achieved. When the objectives are in the head, there always will be solutions that would be found.  While not losing sight of the target, it is equally important not to be overwhelmed by the goal but also pay attention to the path that will lead to achieving the objective.

If individuals focus on solutions, they will be found as the mind is very powerful. There will always be failures, adversity, or a setback that may knock down an individual. While one should not be rigid, but also not tend to let negative feelings overpower and lose sight of the target.  

There are techniques to enhance the strength of the mind to help it focus better. For some, it is meditation, while for others, it may also mean just engaging in a hobby. At the same time, meditation is quiet and focusing either on self or an image or idol. A hobby pursued passionately has almost the same effect on the brains. An individual who dances tends to forget all around itself but is lost in dancing; the same goes for singing, pursuing a sport, or even reading a book. This is a crucial mind exercise to improve the ability of the brain and thereby improve focus.

One should never hesitate to take advice or take help were required to achieve the target. At the same time, one has to be mindful not to be influenced by others on the worth of reaching the destination.

 The target has to be in the head. A task done half-heartedly will never reach its goals. And this is where some individuals fail; if the aim is not in the head, it will never be achieved.

 “Remember, without a goal, your stamina is useless no matter how you get trained. You may defend your integrity and attack your obstacles, but when you have no target in focus, you will score many zero numbers of goals…” ― Israelmore Ayivor

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