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Simulated Youth’s Debut EP “Just Your” Turns the Idea of the Artist and Song Relationship Upside Down

Simulated Youth started the 3-continent collaboration needed for this project with the singer Camoragi (@camoragi), who is based in El Salvador.

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Simulated Youth’s debut EP “Just Your” follows the theme of its key track “NBT,” which stands for “Nice Bass Track.” The lyrics are about the song itself being in love with the artist, yet to the artist the song is just their nice bass track. This mirrors the typical obsession that various artists have with their works. “Just Your” EP flips the traditional concept of what is a song, and asks the question, “what does a song think?” This EP answers that question through a dark and futuristic approach to the music while still maintaining a familiar and welcoming danceability.

Camoragi quickly became interested in this EP’s dark cyber aesthetic as she also likes to add an electronic touch to the songs she produces herself. To handle the visual side of things, the collaboration continued with German digital artist Jerry Louis (@jeremylouis_), who created the fantastic fully digital music video available now on YouTube (https://youtu.be/Nugffg0wEqQ).

“Just Your” EP is already reaching acclaim within this scene across North/South America and Europe. Post-Punk.com, WootMag, Musicalizar, A&R Factory, and at least a dozen independent music blogs will be doing a feature on this EP within the next month. Following “Just Your” EP will be Simulated Youth’s 4th single, titled “Kill the Messenger.” The instrumental is already complete, and it has a fun, almost dance-pop vibe to it. The lyrics, however, are much darker, and without giving away too much, let’s just say that the name of the song can be taken literally.

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