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SHANGHAI, Feb. 22, 2022 — Recently, Westwin launched its simplified social media solution,, which enables international companies to easily setup on Chinese social media, such as WeChat and Weibo. Wreach provides professional localization services and translates all content that customers want to post on China’s biggest social media platforms. Chinese-native-speakers will help to translate and localize content to make it more consumable and attractive to new Chinese followers.

With 1.2 billion monthly active users, WeChat is the place for Chinese users to talk to family, friends and colleagues. Brands can create an official account here and post articles regularly to keep followers updated, inform them of new product launches, and direct them to more owned media links. Wreach helps brands to create quality articles which attract more fans and followers in China.

Different from WeChat, Weibo (the Chinese version of twitter) is a lot livelier with hot topics and viral trends. People like to express themselves, follow trending news and discuss hot topics and up-and-coming brands. Brands can post short form content with pictures, hashtags, videos and links to a website. Wreach enables the scheduling of posts in advance, and the posts will be auto-broadcast on the date and time of choice.

Are these social media platforms safe? For brands aiming to enter the China market, these concerns can affect them while seeking a reliable promotion platform.

“Chinese social media apps do not have end-to-end encryption, it’s true, and can be monitored by Chinese officials, it has never claimed otherwise. All social medias are monitored globally by different governments of course, it’s part of the course. The problem we have currently is to do with our western narrative, where we a fed a regular course of anti-privacy China media stories, as this is currently the chapter of our global human story,” says Alain de Maurier, Sales & Marketing Director at Westwin UK, “However, the truth is much simpler, that Chinese social media apps are safe as a tool of public communication. Like anything, it is how you use it that means it is safe or otherwise. This is why Chinese social media platforms are safe.”

“Wreach is a very easily operated and cost-effective way to do social media promotion in China. Wreach and Westwin have quickly understood our requirements and developed compelling content to attract our target audience in China,” a client of Wreach said.

About Westwin:

Formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), Westwin is a marketing agency specializing in cross-border digital advertising / marketing solutions. In August 2016, Westwin acquired the majority business of Microsoft Online (MSN China) to better serve the unique China market.
As one of Microsoft’s core partners in China, Westwin focuses on driving business through Bing Ads. Westwin also inherited the branding and marketing consultancy business of Microsoft Advertising to help Chinese enterprises build brand globally. Apart from that, Westwin maintains partnerships with Baidu, Weibo and other Chinese digital platforms to offer one-stop digital marketing solutions to foreign businesses.

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