Rafay Systems Doubles Revenue and More Than Doubles Kubernetes Clusters Under Management

As the risk, complexity and cost of managing DIY Kubernetes continues to grow, enterprises are turning to Rafay to streamline Kubernetes operations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Feb. 24, 2022 — Rafay Systems, the leading platform provider for Kubernetes Operations, today announced it has doubled its total annual recurring revenue since the company’s Series B funding in August, 2021, as a result of the increasing demand for its Kubernetes Operations Platform (KOP).

Rafay’s KOP is the only enterprise-grade SaaS solution that streamlines Kubernetes operations for companies deploying modern applications in public clouds, data centers or at the Edge. The platform accelerates application modernization initiatives by helping enterprises leverage the power of Kubernetes without the risk, complexity and cost of a DIY Kubernetes operations practice. New customers span financial services, healthcare, travel and hospitality, high technology and life sciences industries.

Since its Series B funding, the company has achieved the following milestones:

Annual recurring revenue (ARR) has doubled. Number of employees has more than doubled. Number of Kubernetes clusters under management has more than doubled.

“It’s been incredible to see the growing demand for our Kubernetes Operations Platform,” said Haseeb Budhani, co-founder and CEO of Rafay Systems. “Enterprises continue to look for ways to speed up their modernization initiatives, and find themselves investing significant time and resources towards solving the operational challenges related to Kubernetes. We’re proud to offer a turnkey SaaS platform that automates Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management and operations at scale. We will continue to add new capabilities and features to the platform, and successfully reduce the operational burden of managing Kubernetes at scale.”

As the company brings more customers onto its Kubernetes Operations Platform, several trends are becoming evident:

Multi-cloud and multi-distribution support is a table stakes requirement for enterprises, with enterprises investing in solutions that make it easier for them to leverage a median of two public clouds. HashiCorp Terraform is the clear winner in the infrastructure as code market, with a majority of enterprises leveraging Terraform for infrastructure automation. Adoption of GitOps is increasing YoY for accelerated application delivery and continuous operations in multi-cloud and multi-cluster environments. Enterprise platform teams are investing in shared services platforms for Kubernetes that provide self-service workflows to developers, while enforcing controls and governance.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently published its annual survey for 2021 and “According to respondents, 96% of organizations are either using or evaluating Kubernetes – a record high since our surveys began in 2016.” However, as global Kubernetes adoption grows, enterprises continue to run into roadblocks preventing them from automating deployments, securing access to clusters, maintaining holistic visibility and monitoring, and ensuring standardization and compliance as they scale production Kubernetes environments.

Rafay’s SaaS Kubernetes Operations Platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with managed Kubernetes services from cloud service providers such as Amazon (EKS), Microsoft (AKS) and Google (GKE) as well as Kubernetes distributions for on-premises and edge deployments. By adding critical automation, security, visibility and governance capabilities to Kubernetes across IT environments, Rafay helps enterprises quickly and easily scale their Kubernetes operations. With Rafay, enterprises control the complexity, resource requirements, and spiraling costs associated with DIY Kubernetes strategies and ensure the success of their application modernization initiatives.

About Rafay Systems

Rafay Systems offers the industry’s first Kubernetes Operations Platform to help enterprises maximize the value of containerized applications that deliver today’s business innovation. With Rafay’s unified platform, teams can operate modern application infrastructure at scale across public clouds, data centers, and the Edge. A full suite of turnkey services helps streamline deploying applications across multiple environments and deliver enterprise-grade control and governance to application deployment workflows.
This breakthrough approach brings a new and much-needed operations mindset to the increasingly outdated Kubernetes Management market. With the Rafay Kubernetes Operations Platform, platform teams enjoy centralized visibility, management and automation across once disparate processes and systems, resulting in the improved delivery of modern applications. Rafay’s growing customer roster includes clients such as Verizon, SonicWall and Guardant Health.

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