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Camel day is also celebrated!

Centuries-old norms continue to shape the interaction between camels and their keepers.

It would not be incorrect to suggest that animal husbandry is a skill passed down from generation to generation. It has aided in the creation of a reservoir of different cultural and intellectual systems. Pastoralism is a technique of making a living and a way of life, from Sufiyana Qalam to clothes and jewelry. Camel pastoralists in western Rajasthan and Gujarat continue to manage their herds using century-old methods. Their lives and ethnoveterinary practices concentrate around camels.

They never sell camel milk for a living, and the idea of selling camels for meat is considered demonic.

Male camels are occasionally sold during regional livestock fairs, but only with the elderly’s permission. Camel is like their children to them. This connection has resulted in a body of literature on livestock management practices. The groom’s family ensures that the departure begins on a camel during a wedding by a Member of the Camel-breeding community. This is referred to as Ninkasi. It is customary for the groom to remain seated atop the camel when entering the bride’s village. The senior camel rearers say to “attempt to marry their children with families offering camels” in the west section of Rajasthan.  The villagers gather during the monsoons the camels that grass close to their villages. The community members’ collaborative efforts are to ensure that animals do not destroy the crop. If your camels cross borders or proceed to some far-off pasture field in surrounding districts, the community will intimate the camels.

Kheng or the markings on the body of a camel are not just the identities of the camel; it is linked to that of the members of the community and their communities. Even when a camel has been sold, the original owner’s Kheng is not removed, and the markings are not changed. Therefore, this ritual has social and cultural significance.

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